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Welcome to our world of Standard Poodles located in beautiful North Alabama. Specializing in Red Standard poodles I also raise Apricot Standard Poodles with Black Standard poodles and Cream Standard poodles on occasion. We have been involved with Standard poodles since 1997, breeding our first litter of puppies for sale in 1999. As a Standard poodle Breeder I became interested in Red Standard Poodles and Apricot Standard poodles early on and have worked hard to improve these colors.   I am the FIRST Standard Poodle Breeder and the ONLY Standard Poodle Breeder on record (to date May 2011) to ever have won with a Red Standard Poodle at the PCA (Poodle Club of America) National Specialty held in the spring at Salisbury,MD each year. Our Red Standard Poodle AKC CH Scarlet (co-owned with William R. Green, MD), broke 3 records in 2007. Our Apricot Standard AKC CH Bree was Winner’s Bitch of the 2006 Red Apricot Poodle Club Match at PCA. Bree also placed in the regular classes 6th of 8 (this was outstanding as she went before Judge Frank Sabella who is known to favor blacks and whites). I like crossing our Red Standard Poodles and Apricot Standard Poodles to Black Standard poodles to improve structure, carriage and temperament. Most breeders of Red Standard poodles only breed red to red, red to apricot or apricot to apricot which has closed the gene pool and has created some health and temperament issues. I have worked very hard to eliminate these problems seen in Red Standard Poodles and Apricot Standard poodles. Unfortunately, I still see many red and apricot standard poodle web sites today that contain dogs in their breeding program that STILL have poor structure. Many I think do not know what "correct" structure is. My idea of a GREAT temperament and other breeders' idea(s) of a great temperament I have found over the years to be vastly different.

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