Eli’s first major he went BOV over 2 specials and his finishing Major occurred in Dallas Texas on July 5th 2014 for a 4pt win under Judge Robert E Hutton.Thank you to all the Judges who appreciated and loved this boy as much as we do. And special thanks to all!

PCA 2014 Am Bred Dog 3rd Place Winner
Rebelstar Book of Eli Designed at Pinafore

Son of: BISS Am/Can/En Ch Pinafore Dark Design X Rebelstar I’m A Dolce Kind of GirlAll our breeding fathers have been SA, Vwd, OFA, Thyroid, Juvenile Renal Failure, Diabetes and PRA / Eye CERF tested as well as Addison’s Disease Screened. Proof of testing is provided with each puppy purchased.
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COI: 5.4

Eli pedigree[1]
Eli is an apricot son of Dolce and Adin. Eli is 26 inches at the shoulder. Weighs 54#. He is elegant and placed 3rd in the AmBred Dog class at 2014 PCA. Eli got his first major BOW over a special. He is bright, fun loving, super athletic, friendly and really everything a poodle should be. He finished his AKC Championship at 21 months under the wonderful care and handling of Sherri Vidrine. Thank you to all the judges who thought as much of this guy as we do. He has high prey drive and a lovely temperament in general.

Owner/Breeder Annette G ShepardCo-Owner William D. Green MD

Eli-Champ-7-2014Eli pupEli flag

Gabe (Rebelstar Messenger From Above)
Parents: Ruby & Mick

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COI: 4.0

Gabe's pedigree

Click here to go see Gideon and his Pedigree Click here to go see Gideon and his Pedigree Click here to go see Gideon and his Pedigree Click here to go see Gideon and his Pedigree
Gabe is a red son of Ruby and Mick (both can be seen on Mother and Father pages) He is 26 inches tall and 26 inches long. He is my goofy boy. Very fun loving and the word joyful just pops into my head. He does not meet a stranger and is sound minded and sound bodied. He makes my heart sing to see his structure in this color along with a wonderful temperament. He has high retriever drive and is extremely agile.
Owner: Annette Shepard

Thor (Marqis Diamond-Rebelstar Fights Fire with Fire Thor)

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COI: .5%

Gabe's pedigree

Gabe's pedigree

Thor is our red male that has great color and attitude. He is 25 inches at the shoulder and 25 inches long. He came to us from our good friends Brian/Susan Cook of Marquis Diamond. He has absolute the nicest temperament and prey drive that goes on and on. He loves kids is very watchful and loves the little puppies as well. Artimus our house cat and Thor are very good friends.
Eli-Champ-7-2014Eli pup

Our RETIRED Breeding Fathers

This is Maji (Rebel Star Majestic Lookn Red) – RETIRED
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COI 0.47645% only 1638 dogs (80%) 10G(Compuped)
Maji is 58 pounds and 25 inches tall and 25 inches long. He was red but is now a dark apricot. His temperament is mellow with the love for a great ear rub. He is a great watch dog and alerts when company arrives.
Owner: Annette Shepard CLICK HERE for Maji’s Pedigree (click below)
Click here to go see Maji and his Pedigree Click here to go see Maji and his Pedigree
Click here to go see Maji and his Pedigree Click here to go see Maji and his Pedigree

This is Mick (CH. Jaset Durandel Start Me Up) – RETIRED
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COI 11.23327% 1982 dogs found (96%) 10G (CompuPed)
Mick is a fun loving kinda guy. He always has antics of some kind up his sleeve. He is 26 inches tall and 25½ inches long… he is still a growing boy. He is a true black… he weighs 55 pounds. He is deserving of the Champion title he has received… very regal in appearance. Lover of people. Finished championship at under one year.
Owner: Annette Shepard CLICK HERE for Mick’s Pedigree

This is Ian (Rebelstar Crossroad for Apricot) – RETIRED
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COI 1.6% [10G] all ancestors found
Ian is pointed and currently growing hair back to go back to the show ring. I cut him down just before Christmas (12/07) as he was blowing coat and matting overnight and it was overwhelming with a litter of puppies to care for. He has the thickest coat and enough texture to give to 3 other dogs! He is a very sound dog with good structure. His temperament is lovely and he is a joy to be around in the house, outside, at the shows. A gentleman on the table and on the lead. He is very “poodley” and meets the breed standard in all areas. His pigment is very black and he has natural style and carriage. His color though not a deep apricot is a plus since his structure and temperament are far above the standard for the apricot color in general. Great retriever drive. He loves the cats and puppies when we have them. Gets down on their “level” to play with them. He is 25 inches tall and 25 inches long. Weight 55#
Owner: Annette Shepard CLICK HERE for Ian’s Pedigree

This is Gideon (CH. Lake Cove’s Ropin the Wind) – RETIRED
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COI 11.77070% all dogs found (100%) 10G (CompuPed)
Gideon, who belongs to Gerri Jones of Florida, at 10 years of age is still in great health. He has personality plus. While staying at my house on one occasion he turned out to be a true clown. He loves sleeping on his back with back legs sprawled out behind.. He is creme, weighing around 50 pounds and measuring 24 inches by 24 inches. He is very friendly and poodley.Sadly, Gideon passed in October, 2006 – he was 14 years old. Our condolences to Gerri and family. His legacy lives on in Angie, Jenna and Spice.
Owner: Gerri Jones CLICK HERE for Gideon’s Pedigree
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