All our breeding mothers have been SA, Vwd, OFA, Thyroid, Juvenile Renal Failure, Diabetes and PRA / Eye CERF tested as well as Addison’s Disease Screened. Proof of testing is provided with each puppy purchased.

CLICK on the photo below of a Mom to see larger pictures and her Pedigree.

Esma (Rebelstar Twilight Calls to Esma)
CLICK HERE for For Esma Health Testing OFA
COI: 7.2
Esma’s mother is a bred by Rebelstar Ch Charmed by Design and a CH father. She is coal back with excellent coat and gentle, gracious spirit. She loves children and is highly intelligent. Her offspring are beautiful, lively, easily trained, and gentle.Esma is a good mother who has produced highly demanded puppies. She is 26.5 inches and the shoulder and is 28 inches long.

Kitty (Rebelstar Miss Kitty of Dodge City)
CLICK HERE for Kitty Health Testing OFA
COI: 2.2
Kitty is the daughter of our famous PCA winner Ch Scarlet and our first red/apricot male Magi.Kitty is very kind and an awesome mom. She is good with kids and our cat Artimus and loves people and petting. She was born red and faded to apricot as most reds do. She is 25 inches tall at the shoulder and 25.5 inches long. She weighs 50 pounds.

Penny(Rebelstar A Penny Saved)
CLICK HERE for For Penny’s Health Testing OFA
COI: 5.7
Penny’s father is always happy and upbeat Rebelstar Gabe. She has his cheerful disposition and loves people and activity. She is thrilled for a car ride, walk, or just lap time. Penny is a gorgeous red standard poodle that has faded some toward the more apricot color as reds normally do. She is a pure delight and makes an excellent companion. She weighs 40 pounds.

The Dolce & Ruby dogs are now retired.

Our RETIRED Breeding Mothers
This is Dolce (Rebelstar I’m a Dolce Kind of Girl)
CLICK HERE for Dolce’s Health Testing OFA
COI: 4.1
Parents: Bree & Ian
Dolce is a (Rebelstar Crossroad for Apricot) “Ian” X Ch Rebelstar Jaset Southern Breeze “Bree” daughter. She has incredible athletic ability and is a company (visitors) favorite. She is extremely affectionate. She has an innate sense about children and drops to the ground so they can get on her or pet her without being afraid. She has done this since she was a puppy. She LOVES kids and people. She has high prey drive and would probably hunt. Her Aunt Ella was the first Standard to win a tracking title at PCA in 2009. She is on the smaller side at 23 inches at the shoulder and 40#. She is apricot and has coal black pigment. So if you are looking for a puppy with great drive and affection Dolce has produced apricot, red, blue and black in her first litter when she was bred to Pinafore Dark Design- “Adin” Summer 2012. This breeding was so great we will repeat the breeding. Eli – Rebelstar Book of Eli Designed at Pinafore is her first puppy to go to the show ring. He ROCKS!! He is already pointed at 8 months for apricot that is fantastic.
Owner: Annette Shepard CLICK HERE for Dolce’s PEDIGREE

This is Ruby (Rebelstar Don’t Take Your Love To Town)
CLICK HERE for Ruby’s Health Testing OFA
COI: 4.4
Parents: Skye & Maji
Ruby is a red standard poodle.
Owner: Annette ShepardCLICK HERE for Ruby’s PEDIGREE
Ruby at around 2 1/2 years.
I am pouting because they took my bulldog friend away so he couldn’t mess up my hair anymore. DRATS! Now I have to get my HAIR brushed and re-banded but boy was that fun!

Ruby at 18 months

Ruby “chillin” at around 2 years of age

Ruby at 3 years of age.
Day before I had those babies! I will be so glad when they come OUT!

This is Scarlet (AmCh Rebelstar James The South Rises Again) – RETIRED
2007 PCA National Specialty 6-9 Winner’s Bitch
2007 PCA National Specialty Best Standard Puppy
2007 PCA National Specialty Best Puppy In Show
CLICK HERE for Scarlet’s Health Testing OFA
COI: 3.3
Parents: Lucy & Mick
Scarlet is the funniest girl. She talks is friendly to all. She prisses around like she owns the place (which ok she does) and is good with other dogs and children and all the critters around our house. She is 24 inches tall at the shoulder and 24.5 inches long. She weighs 46 pounds. She is still red which surprised me. Her show photos as she got older were getting lighter and lighter and she was in California. When I got her home off the plane and let her out I was quite pleased that she was not the color of the photos. They were all very light and I am not sure what the reason for this is. She may have been groomed with a brightening shampoo which would fade color. I do not use color enhancing shampoos on my dogs. What you see is what you get.
Owners: Annette ShepardCLICK HERE for Scarlet’s PEDIGREE
Ahhh home once again…….
Check out my hair!

This is Bree (Am/U-CH. Rebelstar-Jaset Southern Breeze) – RETIRED
CLICK HERE for Bree’s Health Testing OFA
COI: 4.8
Parents: Kelly & Mick
Bree is an Apricot. She is a Kelly and Mick daughter. Her personality is much like Spice’s her half sister. Forever the clown and cut-up. Her color is very rich and she loves to show. She obtained her UKC Champion title the weekend of May 20-21, 2006 in California. She was pointed before the age of one year and is now in her big girl hair-cut growing MORE hair! She is co-owned with Dr. Bill Green.
Owners: Annette Shepard and Dr. Bill GreenCLICK HERE for Bree’s PEDIGREE

Breeze obtained her UKC Champion Title the weekend of May 20-21 in California
In June 2006 Bree was the Winner’s Bitch at the Apricot/Red Club Match in Salisbury Maryland at the National PCA show.
She also made the cut in the regular classes in the 12-18 month class. She made the cut of 12 out of 38 dogs, though not a win definitely a statement for dogs of “color”. Very proud we are!
Champion Rebelstar-Jaset Southern Breeze finished her AKC title on November 18th 2006. She is daughter to Mick and Kelly and My first Homebred Champion. I would like to thank Dr. Bill Green co-owner who has been an extraordinary co-owner with such great patience. Finishing an apricot is not an easy task and we did it in just over one year. Congratulations to my co-owner.

This is Barbie (Black Stetson’s Barbie CGC) – RETIRED
for Barbie’s Health Testing OFA

COI 4.81824% 1618 dogs found (79%) 10G (CompuPed)
Barbie who was my “START” dog is the FIRST love in my love and the beginning to my world of Poodles. She has never known a stranger and children adore her. She has done work at the local nursing homes as a Therapy dog. She was born black and is now a Blue. She is 24 inches tall by 24½ inches long. She weighs 54 pounds. Having received her CGC Award by AKC at an early age she is an extremely smart and obedient dog… and did I mention loves to GO for a ride??!!
Owner: Annette ShepardCLICK HERE for Barbie’s PEDIGREE
Click here - to see a larger photo and Barbie's pedigree Click here - to see a larger photo and Barbie's pedigree
Click here - to see a larger photo and Barbie's pedigree Click here - to see a larger photo and Barbie's pedigree
Fall Fun in Gatlinburg … visiting with Kelly for the Knoxville Show!!
Click here - to see a larger photo and Barbie's pedigree Click here - to see a larger photo and Barbie's pedigree
Kisses for Barbie from Krista … what a velvet nose!!

This is Kelly (Summershade’s Kelly) – RETIRED
CLICK HERE for Kelly’s Health Testing OFA
COI 2.68099% 1762 dogs found (86%) 10G (CompuPed)
Kelly who is apricot is my Velcro dog. She lives to love me… Weighing 48 pounds and measuring 23 inches tall by 23 inches long she is totally devoted to my family. She loves company and is extremely personable. She will smile and grin when you speak to her with an occasional eye wink thrown in. She is probably the brightest dog that owns me. She can open gates for which we put snaps in all and she has an invisible lead attached to me. She never goes farther than a few feet from me when off lead. A great mother and companion dog.
Owner: Annette ShepardCLICK HERE for Kelly’s PEDIGREE
Click here - to see a larger photo and her pedigree
Click here - to see a larger photo and her pedigree Click here - to see a larger photo and her pedigree Click here - to see a larger photo and her pedigree
Click here - to see a larger photo and her pedigree Click here - to see a larger photo and her pedigree
Click here - to see a larger photo and her pedigree Click here - to see a larger photo and her pedigree Click here - to see a larger photo and her pedigree
I love being outside … but AHHHHHH that couch is where it’s at!!

This is Skye (Rebelstar’s Apricot Skye)
CLICK HERE for Skye’s Health Testing OFA
COI 5.16910% 1910 dogs found (93%) 10G (CompuPed)
Parents: Kelly & Major
Skye who is the daughter of Kelly and Major is apricot. She has taken after her father in height measuring 26 inches tall and 25 inches long. She is well proportioned and an extremely agile dog. She leaps 2 foot jumps with a foot to spare. She weighs 52 pounds. Obedient and loving and always trying to please. Intelligent and true love sponge. She maintains black pigment to date (2004). She is taking after her mother in being a great mom. She even likes Angie’s puppies… got confused once and jumped into Angie’s box and fed Angie’s babies… what a mom!
Owner: Annette ShepardCLICK HERE for Skye’s PEDIGREE

This is Angie (Rebelstar’s Signature Angel) – RETIRED
CLICK HERE for Angie’s Health Testing OFA
COI 6.10162% 1842 dogs found (90%) 10G (CompuPed)
Parents: Barbie & Gideon
Angie is Jenna’s sister. She is black in color and is 22 inches tall by 22 inches long. She weighs 43 pounds. She and Jenna are daughters of Barbie and Gideon. Angie is another dog with high retriever drive. Though not quite as clownish as her sister, she too can get you laughing. Smart and obedient always… very petite and poodley. Loves anyone who will give her a pat or scratch.
Owner: Annette ShepardCLICK HERE for Angie’s PEDIGREE

This is Jenna (Rebelstar’s Signature Jenna) – RETIRED
CLICK HERE for Jenna’s Health Testing OFA
COI 6.10162% 1842 dogs found (90%) 10G (CompuPed)
Parents: Barbie & Gideon
Jenna who is the LOVE of my life was in New York with Alan Waterman. For more on her story of the ordeal she endured while with this handler CLICK HERE. She measures 23 inches tall and 23 inches long. She is creme in color and weighs 47 pounds. She is a retriever with no stop… sporting a toy in her mouth is how you will see her during waking hours… She has personality PLUS. Agile and a good mover. She warms up to people on a person by person basis but is an overall friendly dog.
Owner: Annette ShepardCLICK HERE for Jenna’s PEDIGREE
JENNA IS HOME!While Jenna and Terri did their best to capture the elusive Champion Title at 7 points with one major we decided it was time for Jenna to come home (October 2007). This was shot from one of her last shows.Thank you Terri for your efforts and great care of my heart dog Jenna.


Jenna the “Diva” and Krista

I just can’t find my baby

I have my baby and I’m ready to play!

This is Spice (U-CH. Rebelstar Sugar N Spice)
CLICK HERE for Spice’s Health Testing OFA
COI: 5.7

Parents: Kelly & Gideon
Spice is a Light Apricot. She is the daughter of Kelly and Gideon. She measures 24″ tall and 24 3/4″ long and weighs 46 lbs. Her temperament is one of comedian/princess. She loves to be groomed though she hated being banded for AKC competition so rather than suffer through all of that I decided to finish Spice as a UKC (United Kennel Club) Champion. She finished in grand style in one week end during November of 2005. Her arrival home from California was uneventful. She came bouncing out of her crate at the Nashville Airport as though she had never left. Hopefully this fall I will be able to start some Obedience classes with her. She is extremely intelligent and learned to “shake” in a record time of 5 minutes. There is no end to what this girl could do if I just had more hours in a day! Spice has a brother Teddy who just finished his service dog training and was placed in his service home. Teddy is the puppy on the home page that I donated to Service Canines in 2004. Spice has style and movement and meets NO stranger. She loves people and uses her feet to let you know it’s time for a pat by tapping you with her paw…what a sweet girl she is! Retriever drive is high and she will fetch a stuffed baby for as long as one cares to throw. She is what a poodle should be! Fun-outgoing-stylish!
Owner: Annette ShepardCLICK HERE for Spice’s PEDIGREE