Standard Poodle PuppiesOur Pet Puppy Prices for All Colors: $2,500

Show Puppy Prices are by private treaty exclusively.

What You Can Expect With a Rebelstar Puppy

Here at Rebelstar I strive to constantly improve on structure with my main goal of Attitude AND Affection in mind. Some Standards have temperament issues and I would not knowingly breed a dog that had poor temperament or poor health. Making sure each parent is fully screened for the health issues we currently see helps to insure inferior dogs or dogs with unseen health problems are never used for breeding. I now have 2 generations of testing on all dogs used for breeding and have begun 3rd generation testing, some of the dogs in pedigrees are at 6 generations of testing for their time. All parent dogs test results can be seen on By putting the dog’s registered name in the Search bar at the far right on the OFA page test results will come up. All parent dogs have a CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) number. Testing can also be found on the CHIC site

Each puppy goes to it’s new home knowing words like off, no, no bark and go potty. Puppies are NOT raised in a kennel environment but in my home. As early as 5 weeks of age depending on the weather they begin to go outside just like my big dogs. They learn not to use the bathroom in their x-pen as early as 7-8 weeks. Transition to crates is easy. Basically when they leave at 12 weeks for their new homes they are housebroken. They are given various experiences: meeting new people (my groom shop is across my driveway and clients ALWAYS want to see the new puppies), they are driven around in a vehicle, we live on a mini farm and they are familiarized to goats/chickens/cats/horses. In addition to the bio-sensor stimulation exercises performed from day 3-16 they get exposed to all ages of people, traffic and traffic noises, noises associated with other animals, lots of toys are provided to enhance retrieving instincts. I begin grooming my puppies at 3 weeks of age and they are groomed every two weeks until they leave my home. My goal is to give each puppy a good start to transition easily to his/her new home.

All puppies sold as pets are spayed/neutered before departing for their new homes and this IS included in the puppy’s price. With the rising popularity of the “Designer Dogs” (Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, etc) I have no intention of letting one of my puppies be bred for this purpose. If you are looking for a dog for “breeding” please do NOT contact me. If you are a doodle breeder do NOT contact me asking to use one of my boys, it’s a waste of your time and mine. I do NOT sell dogs as “breeders” nor will I ship them to the Far East. I require real fencing and do not consider underground electrical fencing as real fence. I would not shock my children, therefore I would not link my dogs shocked either. Puppies for show are kept and exhibited by me. If you are interested in a show puppy they are sold under strict guidelines and with a co-ownership only. I would like to thank all of my puppy homes for enabling me to continue raising and showing Standards, for without the exceptional homes for pets I could not continue my mission of raising quality Standards, I can’t keep them ALL . I would especially like to thank those who have not just one, but as many as 3 Rebelstar Standards and referred family and friends to me for a Standard poodle.

Tail Docking Dilemma Solved
Historically, Standard Poodles have had docked tails. Here in the USA and Canada we still dock tails. All other countries NO LONGER dock tails. Because these countries have taken this stand on docking, it makes it difficult to ship puppies for show with docked tails. We have also gotten a huge interest for dogs that can hunt and the tails for hunting dogs are usually left long. So in the future we will NOT dock our puppy tails at birth. Rear dew claws will be removed, but we will NOT remove front dew claws (Dew claws are used to grab bones, toys, etc.).

We offer a lifetime genetic health warranty and lifetime warranty for ALL of the genetic issues for which the parents are tested on all our puppies. All puppies are Microchipped. Proof of SA, Vwd, OFA, Thyroid, Juvenile Renal Failure, Diabetes and PRA / Eye CERF testing as well as Addison’s Screening for the parents is provided with each puppy purchased.Scroll down further for the next planned litters, payment plans and pricing. Spay/Neuter contracts are required. Full registration is considered for serious show prospects with contracts.

AKC Papers OFA PapersEye Cerf Papers

Puppy Testing and Rating

There is a program that was initially developed by the U.S. Military for training K-9 unit dogs. It was referred to as the Bio-Sensor or Super Dog program. It is a series of simple exercises performed once daily to puppies age 3 days to 16 days. These exercises increased intelligence and neurological development in test group puppies. Their eyes opened sooner and their senses were advanced compared to other puppies of that age group that had not had the exercises executed. It has become a program used by many seeing-eye and assisted living canine companion breeding facilities. We have started using this program on our puppies.

We also RATE or GRADE them using several different guidelines. A test used from the book “The Monks of Newskeet” is one rating test used for disposition. We also test for bird/prey drive for those interested in Search and Rescue work or hunting.

I feel all of these things are important, when placing puppies in pet homes. Puppies, like people, have different disposition and personality. I try to find out what that personality is, so that I can be sure it is going to a home where it will be happiest … and where the new family can know what type personality they are getting and how to deal with it.

Payment Plans

Deposits are required to hold a puppy even before birth and especially after birth. Deposits are one-half of the purchase price of the dog.

Color and sex requests are filled at the first available litter for deposit holders (first come, first served). Since we are not a “puppy mill” it may take a year or longer to get your puppy. We breed our girls one heat per year … intentionally. Accidents have been know to happen!!

We understand that $2,500 or more is a hefty price for many families to pay for a puppy. Considering the forethought, genetic and other testing having been applied to your breeding processes and the fact that the puppy will be with you for a long time, it is a worthwhile price to pay for a healthy, happy dog.

Families interested in paying on-time may contact Annette for individualized payment schedules. We work with everyone who is serious about getting the best quality for their money.



Standard Pricing —

Our Puppies Start at: $2,500

These prices are for limited registration puppies only!