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This is a female I took in from the Huntsville Animal Shelter. She is very sweet but also very submissive. She is not recommended for a home with dominant dogs who are controlling of other dogs. She will not stick up for herself. She is wonderful with other dogs and animals and children. She just has a very very soft temperament.She is spayed and was used as a breeder. We are not exactly sure of her age but think she is between 5 and 7 years. She has been healthy since I acquired her late August of 2012. I had to wait for her hair to grow some (which it is very very slow growing a plus for a grooming bill) before I would take a photo. She came to the shelter very very matted and they had to skin her down so she had no topknot at all for quite awhile. She is about 55# and about 24 inches at the shoulder.She has been adopted and is now in a good home.

This is Midget. We found her on the side of the road in 2004. She had been in heat and had a broken leg. After her leg got well enough we had her spayed and she is now living with her family in Madison, AL. Isn’t she just TOO cute?

This is Dillon. I had a friend pull him from the Knoxville, TN shelter and then we got him here. This was Oct 2005. He came as “Buddy” but his new mom June of Louisiana renamed him Dillon and we think it’s a very good name. His groom job when he first arrived left much to be desired. He had been left outdoors and not groomed most of his life. After getting him cleaned up and neutered we found him a wonderful home with June. His departing pho tos with June may be seen below.

This is Morris. We found Morris at a store down the road March 2006. He was in terrible shape. The lady at the store said, ” He’s been hanging around a couple days Annette, take him home!”. Right like I needed ONE more dog! But as I walked to my truck Morris trotted behind me and stopped when I opened the door…..How could I not take him home? He is living in Ohio now in a great home! Cutest little guy and had the personality of a “star”.