We offer a lifetime genetic health warranty and lifetime warranty for ALL of the genetic issues for which the parents are tested on all our puppies. All puppies are Microchipped. Proof of SA, Vwd, OFA, Thyroid, Juvenile Renal Failure,   Diabetes and PRA / Eye CERF testing as well as Addison’s Screening for the parents is provided with each puppy purchased.Scroll down further for the next planned litters, payment plans and pricing. Spay/Neuter contracts are required. Full registration is considered for serious show prospects with contracts.


Puppy Testing and Rating

There is a program that was initially developed by the U.S. Military for training K-9 unit dogs. It was referred to as the Bio-Sensor or Super Dog program. It is a series of simple exercises performed once daily to puppies age 3 days to 16 days. These exercises increased intelligence and neurological development in test group puppies. Their eyes opened sooner and their senses were advanced compared to other puppies of that age group that had not had the exercises executed. It has become a program used by many seeing-eye and assisted living canine companion breeding facilities. We have started using this program on our puppies.

We also RATE or GRADE them using several different guidelines. A test used from the book “The Monks of Newskeet” is one rating test used for disposition. We also test for bird/prey drive for those interested in Search and Rescue work or hunting.

I feel all of these things are important, when placing puppies in pet homes. Puppies, like people, have different disposition and personality. I try to find out what that personality is, so that I can be sure it is going to a home where it will be happiest … and where the new family can know what type personality they are getting and how to deal with it.