Trust Or Deception

Jenna, my family and I want to thank ALL for the wonderful letters and phone calls from people worldwide on this “ordeal” as I have come to refer to it… We appreciate it so much… I am at the National Poodle Specialty in Salisbury, Maryland and am writing this from a friend’s laptop… We will NOT reply to anyone who emails in doubt of this story… there is NO other side. The facts I have stated are as they are and will have canceled checks posted as soon as they arrive, after I get home….

Again, Many thanks to ALL!!!!!!!!!


Aug 2004-The Journey

On my journey to showing my dogs I was told of a handler that was the “greatest”. Last Aug 2004 Krista and I attended the Alan Waterman seminar in NJ. I had spoken with Alan about showing Jenna. He was very charming and said of course he would show her for me. He took her with him after the seminar on Aug 24, 2004. This is what Jenna looked like when she was in the motel the night before she left with Alan. I was having a difficult time with coat care as it is all new to me still 2 years later. Alan said he would take care of her coat and get it back in shape as I had thinned it out considerably when my husband had neck surgery. No problem he said. I sent a check for $300 (#11312 8-24-04) with him that day. In advance keep in mind… I am instructed by Alan I am only to call and check on my dog on Tuesday. That wasn’t a problem. He thought she would be ready to show by Oct.

In October he did show her and said her hair just wasn’t “THERE” yet but that by January she should be quite ready to show.

I sent another check for $300 (#11365)on 9-14-04, also another check on 9-20-04 (#11414) for $800. There was a 4th check sent on 11-12-04 (#11538)for $500. This is a total of $1900. I figured at best this would carry her bill into February.

Beginning to Wonder…

In February I started asking Alan to mail me a bill please. And I had repeatedly asked for pictures of my dog since October. Nothing……when I would speak with Alan on the phone he would say he would get some pictures and send them and send a bill…..I never got either. Same thing in April and May.

We had a trip planned on the 5th of June that would take us close to Alan’s. I called a week in Advance and told him we would be coming by to see Jenna. I had also mailed another Check for $750 to him.

Arriving at Alan’s

My husband and I were South of Buffalo and gave Alan a call on Monday June 6th. I told him we could be at his house between 5-6 P.M. Alan said that wasn’t possible as he would be leaving around 4:30.(Now I deal with puppy client’s all the time. If I know a week in advance that a client is driving 1000 miles you can bet your sweet bippy I will clear my calendar for the two days they MAY arrive). I was disappointed but could say nothing. I then asked Alan if we could be there possibly early in the morning? His reply was that I would have to call first that he had much to do and would be in and out most of the morning (BIG alarm for me now, I am wondering, I gave him plenty of notice what is going on……???

My husband immediately became suspicious & alarmed. He said we aren’t calling in the morning we are just going over that at 9:00 A.M. We got up the morning of June 7. I didn’t sleep good all night thinking about Jenna. We arrived at Alan’s around 9 A.M. as planned. Alan came to the door and said, “You will have to come back in an hour.” I said, ” I am sorry Alan but we really do have to head back South and I would like to see Jenna.” He replied in a quite short tone, “You were supposed to have called first.” (My husband was convinced if we did so that Alan would be gone by the time we arrived.) I said, ” I did try to call Alan.” Alan said, “No you didn’t.”…..I said you are right I didn’t but I want to see my dog NOW and not in an hour. Reluctantly he led me around to the “kennel area”. I can not tell you the despair I felt when I went through that door. The odor was appalling. There was no evidence of air conditioning or heat and it was presently 84 degrees outside not much different inside. There were rows of kennels to the left. Alan began to walk down the isle and I was astonished at the size of the kennels. 3 feet X 3 feet. There was a doggie door (which surprised me with show coats in poodles) between this 3X3 area and another area which I could not see into. The noise was deafening from barking dogs. Alan stopped at about the 5th run down and started calling Jenna. I walked up expecting to see my dog jumping for her caregiver and instead she had her head stuck through the doggie door barking like something possessed. I called her name and still she would not come out…..I was ready to fall to pieces…….as I saw she was matted solid. Her topknot had obviously not been broken down or re-banded in MANY months. There were sprigs that had grown out of the topknot and had not been put back in that were matted as well….Her hocks were yellow and brown with feces and urine stains and matted solid……I just stood in a state of shock and looked at my dog that I had handed over to this person………I was mortified.

I looked at Alan and told him I was taking her home. His only reply (never an apology or I’m sorry she isn’t brushed out-NOTHING) was “She can’t go unless you pay your bill.” I said, “I don’t have a problem with that except I HAVEN’T gotten a bill.” We walk across this breezeway and he steps through a door and hands me two pieces of paper. One was a bill he “CLAIMED” he had emailed me and when I called on May 10th asking him for the 3rd time about my bill he had said he had emailed it and would do so again. I never got either email and I know I get an average of 20 a day so the reason I didn’t get one is because one was never sent. I asked him to SNAIL MAIL me a bill at that time. Never received a thing. I looked at that bill briefly it was for a balance of $410. I had mailed a check for $750 the week before when I realized I wasn’t going to get a bill. I deducted that from the figure he had $1330(this after I had already sent $1900). I wrote a check for the difference of $580.

I walked out to my truck to get the checkbook my and husband could tell as I came there was something terribly wrong. He asked did he need to get out. I told him no. He said, “what is wrong?” I said I would be right back and for him to just stay put. My husband LOVES Jenna as much as me I think and had he gotten out……I feel sure I would have spent the rest of the day trying to bail him out of JAIL. I went back to the kennel and Alan had Jenna out of the kennel though I don’t know how he managed that feat. Once she saw me she went nuts…He showed where he had begun to brush out the right side of her and said it wasn’t going to be hard. I just blinked…… handed him the check and picked up my dog. He asked did I need a lead and I said no I would carry her. She REEKED of urine and feces. I had the worst feeling in my stomach and it took all I had within me not to cry. As I was walking to the door Alan said, “They are fine and happy”. I never looked back and I just said, “You must have fallen and bumped your head”. I placed my dog gently in the back seat of our truck and got in the front seat next to my husband. I could do nothing but shake my head. I thought my husband would have a stroke. He wanted to get out but I told him just get me away from THIS place. We took Jenna to a vet in Pittsford, N.Y. immediately. The people there could not believe what they were seeing. They could not get a stool sample but she was clear on heartworms which is a good thing. I probably should have called the ASPCA right then but we had 1000 miles to drive. I was going to PCA in Maryland in less than 4 days. She was not the same dog I handed off to Alan. She was skittish and nervous and jittery.

Now I have the record from the vet and put it with the other papers and picked up the two bills from Alan. I saw that he only showed me paying $1400 instead of $1900. Which would make the whole bill from that point on incorrect. I immediately called him and told him that I would go home and find the other $500 and offer him proof. That I would stop payment on the $750 and $580 check and settle with him at PCA. He seemed fine with that.

The LONG drive HOME

After leaving the vet we stopped at a rest area to let Jenna potty. I made my husband go as far to the back as we could as I was so embarrassed over the way my dog looked. When I let her out she pottied and ran for a solid 15 minutes in sweeping circles……she was FREE!!!!!!!! I am sure she had not been out of that pen in months IF EVER!!!!!!

Our next stop was somewhere ……anywhere to get a bottle of FeBreeze just so my Jenna could ride INSIDE the truck with us and not in the camper part without making us gag or throw up……Can you just imagine……??????

Next step: The Phone Calls

I called one of my friends who shows in Dayton……I told him…..he was livid. He said WHY did you pay him? I said because I wouldn’t have my dog now I said. I told him that when I got home I would verify I had paid $1900 for I started to wonder myself if I had sent it. I kept thinking or rather remembering a check for $500. But you never know. He said he wouldn’t pay a DIME!

I called several of my close friends and some of my puppy buyers who knew where I was going. They were all so supportive…I then called a friend who shows and is an attorney as well as married to an attorney. I thought she would freak out. I want those pictures she said….someone I know just sent two dogs up there. She told me I was right to stop payments on the checks that nothing had been done to warrant a charge. Throwing dog food in a run is not boarding she said when it comes to poodles. Coat Care is included and a must. I am of course crying with every phone call at this point. The guilt I feel is unfathomable. I trusted someone to care for my dog and how she must have felt those nights sleeping on those ropey matts. Felted to the skin….Jenna I am so sorry I had no idea……

(Click on the pictures to see them enlarged)

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    Jenna’s Front Bracelet
  • img01
    Jenna’s Front Bracelet
  • img01
    Jenna’s Topknot
  • img01
    Jenna’s Face
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    Jenna Front
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    Jenna’s Profile
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  • img01
    Jenna’s rear end and rear legs
  • img01
    Jenna’s rear end and rear legs
  • img01
    Jenna’s rear end and rear legs


Home Sweet Home

Bear and I and Jenna arrived in Alabama around 2 A.M. The remainder of the trip was pretty uneventful. We stopped quite often to let her out and offer water. She drank A LOT. Come to think of it I didn’t see a water bowl in the kennel……not that there was really any room for one.

I get Jenna a blanket at the foot of our bed and spray her once more with FeBreeze. I wouldn’t have put her in a crate no matter how filthy she was or how bad she smelled.

Wednesday 10:00 AM

I get up and feed the puppies and let them and my other dogs out. Jenna and I go out alone. She is jumping and running and I am glad I know she is home and she is glad she is home. I wait for the Wuppe Conditioner to arrive that I had over nighted while traveling home. I call my vet and they can see her at 12:45. We arrive there promptly and Dr. Wendy came out and just stood. She looked at me and I said, ” You know how most peoples events or lives start out Once Upon a Time?” She said, “YES”.
I said, ” Well mine ALWAYS start out with You Ain’t Gonna Believe this Shit.” She said, “I know”. I repeated the story and she just shook her head. Asked me was I going to shave her down. I told her I was going to TRY and save it. She just blinked.

The stool sample showed negative and I was glad for that. She already had enough to deal with.

Wednesday 3 P.M.

I begin the brushing. It consists of saturating the mats with Wuppe and then brushing awhile and picking with a comb. Then you take your fingers and pull the mats apart. More brushing, more combing. More spraying…and all the while Jenna laid flat on her side never moving. By 8 P.M. I had gotten both back bracelets brushed out, her tail, and I shaved her stomach and rosette area. We all went to dinner and I got back around 9 P.M. and resumed with washing out the bracelets, tail and back area. Then we dried. In the house we come. Bedtime at last. Tomorrow we start on her jacket again. Pictures I have sent out have prompted phone calls and messages galore. Haven’t even had time to post to several Internet lists I am on.

hese pictures on the right and below were taken today before I began the grooming process.

This is her rear hock….it has a life of it’s own…..This is not my dog’s hock!!!!!!!!! But it is…Dried feces and ever damp from urine that won’t dry.

This is her belly… Shave it off? We’ll see…

This is her chest
between her front legs

Jenna had an ear somewhere…
Oh, it’s a solid mat


This is the side Alan said he brushed on……Wow wonder what her butt looked like and smelled like before he shaved that hair off…?????? Glad he had the mercy to shave that and her face…..forget the legs and feet!!!!!

The Emails… (there is a time zone difference)

Imagine my surprise to find an email from Alan in my email box. Now I got that one!!!!! No surprise but for months I email asking for a bill and pictures and he never answers… I always have to call… could save me a dime or two but Nah why would we do that????

——-Original Message——-From:
Date: 06/05/05 20:41:47
Subject: re: this weekAre you still coming this way this week? If not… I may be able to fit her into the motorhome for PCA. My open bitch went home, so that leaves an opening. In many ways that may be better for me. Fred’s dad died yesterday so he’s flying home. That leaves me to do the kennel and groom all these dogs for PCAalan

——-Original Message——-From: Annette Shepard
Date: 06/08/05 01:56:49
Subject: re: this weekAre you still coming this way this week? If not… I may be able to fit her into the motorhome for PCA. My open bitch went home, so that leaves an opening. In many ways that may be better for me. Fred’s dad died yesterday so he’s flying home. That leaves me to do the kennel and groom all these dogs for PCAalan

I imagine it would have been better for you but not my dog……this is what my dog USED to look like(picture in stationary) to tell you what things I felt today as I saw my dog for the first time in 9 months……and to think you actually had the nerve to say “They are fine, they are happy?” Did you fall and bump your head??? This dog couldn’t even rest comfortably on the way home for the severe matting. I did manage to get her into a Vet from YOUR area to get documentation on the condition this dog was in when I picked her up before we left the state.

Bought a bottle of Febreeze just so she could ride IN the truck with us and not make us gag. You are not who you pretend to be and trust me when I say I won’t have any problems telling people exactly what I think of you and show pictures of my dog at the Vet Clinic in New York. Or the copy of the documentation….This is when trust goes to hell in a hand basket and lies and deceit abound. I did not pay $1900 to get my dog back in this kind of shape of that you can be sure. Both of the checks have had stop payments put on them until I can find my check records of what I have actually paid. Then there is the vet bill, whatever it is going to cost to have this dog dematted and did I mention she bumps into stuff because of the matts hanging over her eyes??? Pictures of her will be posted to my website along with the lies you have been telling me for months about how she is fine/she looks good. etc. etc…This is one nightmare I won’t be waking up from. I can only imagine what her butt looked like before you shaved that off….I know it’s been months because she is clipper burned in places she has never burned before and that only comes from shaving a place off that hasn’t been done in awhile. And then again…….she hasn’t had anything more than food and water for many months….and Don’t even try to tell me otherwise…..I just have to ask did you EVER intend on showing my dog or were you going to reel me along indefinitely?????Never mind I know the answer.

Annette G. Shepard
A-Cut-Above the Rebelstar Kennels
23863 Al Hwy 251
Toney Al 35773
256-230-0747 days
256-233-1144 nights

Alan’s Reply

——-Original Message——-From:
Date: 06/08/05 13:40:12
Subject: Re: this weekAnneteI’m glad you got home safe and sound. Yes dogs do get that webbed like that in 12 wks. Board here is $10 a day board. It’s been like that for 5 years. If I was going to hide anything from you, I would have told you not to come see your dog, but as you see I have nothing to hide. If you had paid the bill I would have been happy to have brushed out Jena and she would have been done by now. I know you don’t believe me that she was my next open bitch. Alaman Totally Trina just finished last Sat.

As far as the $750.00 check you said you set. It has yet to arrive. I will not deposit the check left here.


My Reply

——-Original Message——-From: Annette Shepard
Date: 06/08/05 01:56:49
Subject: re: this weekYou are crazy…A client can not pay a bill if a client never gets a bill. I have witnesses who heard me on the phone with you asking for a bill just about every time I called you. And I can tell you that I have NEVER not payed a bill I owed until now. And the way I see it I didn’t even get what I DID pay for.
I asked for them repeatedly but I am sure you don’t remember? And she was paid in advance for SEVERAL months. Through February to be precise and she did not get this matted in 3 months!!I did not pay for BOARDING…….I paid for COAT CARE and showing which you obviously never did either…..I can not even fathom a person allowing a dog to get in this condition whether a bill is paid or not. I can tell YOU that when I board dogs for others they never look like this when they leave. You are a perfect example of a con. Not to mention a liar.

As far as brushing her out…….oh sure it might be done on the sides and mainline but I noticed you didn’t even attempt to brush out her stomach. And her bracelets in the rear????? Well they are so saturated with urine and feces they are like pancakes.

Give me a break……I was born at night just not last night. To be sure if “professional handlers” treat dogs like this they are something/someone I don’t want to ever be associated with.

List of checks sent #11312 8-24-04 $300(paid in advance of owing anything)
#11365 9/14-/04 $300.00 (again paid in advance)
#11414 9/20/04 $800.00(again paid well in advance)
#11538 11/12/04 $500.00(again paid with no bill sent)
Also you can not add as this comes to $1900 as I stated not $1400. Which means I did not owe the $410 on your statement and that the other balance is also incorrect. When I get an amended bill I will be happy to settle with you.

Cash the checks you have if you wish but I won’t pay those checks. As I said when I get a “correct” bill then we’ll talk.

Annette G. Shepard
A-Cut-Above the Rebelstar Kennels
23863 Al Hwy 251
Toney Al 35773
256-230-0747 days
256-233-1144 nights

Alan’s Reply

——-Original Message——-From:
Date: 06/08/05 13:40:12
Subject: Re: this weekAnneteI think you need to do whatever it is you need to do. You were only charged board. I brushed half the dog out so you could see that it could be done. Like I said when you were here. When a client doesn’t pay the bill. The dog doesn’t get the extra. As far as the clipper burn. Kaiser gets burned everytime I I cliper him. She would have been done by now if she were here. I canceled the enteries for the Nango shows. I told you I could brush her out. I knew when you called that you were going to take her home. That’s ok with me. I will let everyone know Jena is at home now. The checks will be cashed and we’ll take it from there.


My Reply

——-Original Message——-From: Annette Shepard
Date: 06/08/05 01:56:49
Subject: re: this weekStop posturing or trying to make excuses Alan what you did to my dog was wrong. Nothing you can say can change that. I have never not paid you nor would you have any reason to believe I would not. Were I keeping a dog for someone and they owed money I would have kept the dog up regardless and then presented a bill. Something which you still keep avoiding. No bill no payment. Most of Jenna’s time there was paid well ahead. You are not going to tell me had I paid you that you would have then brushed her out while I waited? My dog was not going to remain ANYWHERE that someone would allow her to get in that kind of shape because of $$$? What a preposterous notion.The Tuesday check should get there anytime. I can reverse the charge hold on the $580 but I will not on the $750 check. That would adjust for the $500 you did not post and the vet visits. Or I can bring cash to PCA if you prefer but then I will want a receipt with your signature on it paid in FULL.

When you take on a poodle to board for show the coat care is included unless you ADD a grooming charge on an invoice which you have not done. Which means my dog hasn’t been touched in months that I DID pay for. Give me a break. I have spoken to 15 people some professional handlers about this situation, and even told them that some of the money had not been paid due to you not billing me. As a matter of fact most of them have known about my dog and your lack to bill me and told me to stop sending you money until I GOT a bill. It does not lessen the crime. I plan to pursue this in other ways after the bill portion is settled. I just want you to know that 2 of the handlers have my dogs and I have never failed to pay a bill but they send me a bill every month. You did not. I can’t pay what I don’t know I owe so once again your excuse is lame.

The only nice thing that happened on this trip was getting to see the Falls.



——-Original Message——-From:
Date: 06/08/05 13:40:12
Subject: Re: this weekAnneteThe $750 check you said you sent before you drove to see me hasn’t arrived yet… maybe tomorrow.
I still find it interesting that you would send a check if you were driving up here the same week, but that’s ok… maybe tomorrow will bring it.


Updates to come of what I can do with this coat…I am quite tempted to shave Jenna down and call it quits for her. I will have her and pictures at PCA if anyone wants to see her or the pictures.

The Saga Continues…

  • Document from the attending veterinarian in Pittsford N.Y. (click on the documents to see the details)
  • Receipt from Veterinarian at Pittsford N.Y.
  • Document from Dr. Wendy Rosenbek in Ardmore, TN – our personal veterinarian at home.


I arrived in NY to pick up Jenna on June 6 ,2005. I could not get her until June 7,2005. On June 11, 2005 my daughter Krista and I left for Salisbury NJ for the National PCA Specialty. We arrived early Sunday morning on June 12, 2005. We spoke with several people who saw Jenna and we all cried. I had hopes that someone had some magical tricks to help get the mats out but all agreed Jenna would have to be shaved down. Though the advice was to wait and do so when I could see the AKC representative who would be coming in 2 days.Tuesday June 14, 2005I was finally able to locate the AKC rep and she said there was nothing she could do. That I would have to file a formal complaint with AKC and send all pictures/documents to them. So I took Jenna to my friend’s house with whom I was staying and immediately shaved Jenna down. Below is the picture of Jenna at my friend Mary Lou’s.

I had entered Jenna in the Junior Showmanship class for Krista but as you can see she would not be making that class.

She was happy and obviously felt much better.

July 2005

Jenna has always been on a March/October heat cycle. When I called Alan at some point in October he did say she was in heat. He never mentioned it in March 2005. I just assumed she had been in heat. I was quite surprised when she came in heat the beginning of July. I called several of my close friends (people who have been in poodles for years) and they said that she had not come in heat during her normal time because of STRESS. After careful discussion with my vet and my friends and mentors it was decided that I could and would breed Jenna. Alan’s supporters and Alan himself have tried to make this look like a crime. Jenna was 3 years old when she was bred. All testing was in place, which is more than I can say for SOME people. She was in good tone and good weight. She had gained her weight back in the 4-½ weeks I had her back home. I do not have to EXPLAIN what I do but since Alan and his supporters continue to use this as a way to make me look bad I felt it should be addressed. It is my understanding Alan himself has bred or bred to dogs back to back as many as 5 times.

In September of 2005 Jenna had a litter of beautiful puppies bred to my dog Mick. One of those puppies I sold to a friend in Florida for show. I wanted to KEEP that puppy but my friend had waited a long time (2 years she has wanted a Jenna puppy) and I let her have the show puppy. We do co-own her, but she is Anne’s dog.

I am growing Jenna’s coat back out for conformation showing. It will take a year or longer. She was cut down with a 7-F blade, which is a short blade. It was very hard even with this blade with all of the mats.

September 2005

Jenna’s babies arrived and we had such a nice litter. Creams and blacks and I was very pleased with the homes that these puppies went to. This litter exceeded my expectations and I got a couple of the kids in agility homes. My puppy I chose for showing at 7 months kind of fell apart so to speak she wasn’t reaching in the front like I felt she should and after getting a second opinion from my friend Terri Meyers with a heavy heart I put her in a pet home. She is a beautiful blue girl and went to my friend Mary Lou to make poodle Number 2 in Mary Lou’s house.

Below are the puppies outside with Krista… that puppy breath.

Winter 2005

I get word from several different sources that Alan and his supporters are telling an entirely different story than the one that is printed here. This is of no surprise to me at all. Everything is being said from I am a puppy mill to when you don’t pay the bill you don’t get the baths. I have to say though none of this is shocking it does disturb me. So basically what they (Alan and his fans) are saying is that if a dog belongs to a puppy mill it’s ok to mistreat it? Not that Jenna belongs to a miller. I have news for all those nasty people…I wish that if I were a puppy mill all dogs in all the puppy mills around the world could lead the life my dogs lead. And again had I gotten a bill I certainly would have paid it. I had no intention of sending more money when the money that I had already sent had not been accounted for in a monthly fashion. Not to mention that the bills I DID receive were not even accurate.

Speaking of the money I sent, Alan also disputes that I sent the check for $750. Well here is the check he maintains he never got. No he didn’t get it. It for some reason unknown to me was returned to me. As you can see by the postmark it was sent when I said it was sent. Why he wishes to say that I did not send it is beyond me. The address is the correct address why it was not delivered is an unknown. Maybe someone upstairs was watching out for me of that I have no doubt. When I called the Post Office here to ask for an explanation they said it probably went to the wrong Post Office in NY and then rather then send it to the correct Post Office it was just returned to me….

So let’s talk about the so-called bill I received when I was at Alan’s. The bill that hung around so long he actually made notes on it and rather than print a new bill for me he just gave me the one that had all his notes marked out with a marker.

I never received this bill in an email nor through regular mail. I do however see that not only is Alan a person who doesn’t bill in a timely fashion he can not add either. The bill he says is $1810.00 should actually be $1820.00. Worse than this error is he is showing me as paying $1400. Here are more errors on Alan’s behalf. Below are the checks I sent and they are also shown cancelled on the back with Alan’s signature. There are a total of 4 checks for the total amount of $1900.

This is the second check sent to Alan

This is the third check sent to Alan.

This is the 4th check sent to Alan

This is the second bill Alan gave me, which is not going to be correct because he failed to post one of the checks for $500.00 to the bill…. Maybe an accountant should be doing the books? I made the notes on this bill while I was at the truck getting my checkbook. So I really didn’t owe him the $580. Actually I don’t owe anything. I feel as though I did not receive the services for the money that WAS paid. Sticking a dog in a run and giving it food and water is not what I paid for. I paid for my dog to be SHOWN. She was entered and NOT shown. Of course with her coat in the state it was in there was no way she could have been shown. After speaking with MANY people who have been in Poodles for DECADES I have been told that Jenna did not get in that condition because of a bill that wasn’t paid for 3 months. There is speculation that she was either not groomed at all during her stay with Alan or had not been groomed in at least 6 months. That the condition she was in when I picked her up did not occur in 3 months as Alan maintains through various statements he has made.

In November 2005 at my local Kennel Club’s show Terri Meyers (professional handler of Poodles for MANY years) came to show at our show along with my friend Holly Corbett, both are from Minnesota. During there stay here they got to see Jenna’s babies and were welcome guests in my home. Both of these ladies had the pelted jacket of Jenna’s in their hands. The jacket and Jenna’s topknot were all in one piece. The statement made at this time by both parties was there was no way Jenna had been brushed or bathed in MANY months. She was most certainly not in “Specials” coat as Alan has told many people. I was fortunate to be able to watch both Holly and Terri at the show and learned much on proper coat care and CORRECT brushing. Many thanks to both of these wonderful people for their support and help.

Jenna’s coat was coming back in finally. Terri said it would be MONTHS before she could be shown. The older a dog is the longer it can take to win and finish. This meant Jenna would be past the age of 4 years before she would be in condition to compete again. When Jenna came in heat in late January I spoke with Terri both about doing a back to back breeding. I wanted to breed Jenna once to Mick and once to Maji. I did not know if I would breed her again AFTER she was shown. It could take a year or longer and I really do not like breeding my dogs after the age of 6 years. After careful discussion with my friends and others that had been in poodles for YEARS I decided to do a back to back breeding. Now Alan and his “fans” would like to use this against me. Saying that I am a bad person because I did this. I know of many long time breeders that for various reasons have done back to back breedings. It is not a practice I would pursue on a regular basis. My main concern was time was running out. There are many Reproductive Veterinarians who actually recommend back to back breedings and yet Alan and his people want to use this as another way to try and discredit me. Jenna was in good weight and had she not been I would never have even considered it. I will say that it was one of the hardest things I have ever done, growing a continental show coat with nursing puppies is no easy task and there are many VETERAN exhibitors who would not attempt what I did.

Here is Jenna in May 2006, 3 weeks after her puppies were born. Pictures of her babies from this litter follow.

This is what Jenna looked like in June 2006 at PCA. She was entered in the Junior Handler division for Krista to compete with. I was quite proud of them both. Jenna did very well and Krista won her class with her favorite dog… it doesn’t get any better than that. Her front bracelets weren’t exactly right (Krista had helped me one day and went down too far on her front legs) but that was ok. That is how you learn and I appreciated Krista wanting to help. I just shouldn’t have left the room! (Smile)

August 2006

I went to Muncie Indiana to the show there to meet with Terri Meyers to see when she thought Jenna would be ready to show. I also carried 3 puppies. I kept 2 from Jenna and one from Angie’s litters for Terri to evaluate. We kept a boy and let a boy go to a home and we kept a girl from Angie. While I was at this show I received a phone call from a friend who was most upset. It seemed Alan had gone on a public forum on the Internet and made all kinds of statements regarding Jenna and myself. This particular list has a reputation of being one of the nastiest lists on the web. I have long ago refused to participate in any of their soap opera type conversations. The things that some of those people said in 2005 were beyond my comprehension. Everything from making fun of my husband’s nickname to trying to say I had doctored the photos and documents. Prior to that they have attacked me at various times over issues like my ability to raise 4 liters of puppies at once (never mind that I had HELP and the litters were strung out so that by the time the oldest litter was ready to go to their homes the youngest litter was 4 weeks old), to what I was putting in the show ring. I have to say that none of these people have ever been to my home nor do they know anything about me. It’s very sad that people have nothing better to do with their time than to criticize others for things they themselves had done and far worse. I have never intentionally bred to any dog that was known for producing a particular health issue and yet these same people who point fingers at me have done EXACTLY that. What I DO know is that though some of those people reside in their little world, their opinions are not the opinions of the moral majority. They can type what they wish from their quiet and cozy homes but I would have to say I would loved to have been a fly on the wall if one of THEIR dogs was presented to them in the state that my Jenna was presented to me.

I have received so many letters and phone calls from people around the world supporting Jenna and myself. I knew that when I decided to post her story that I would get flack from some for doing it. I am not a troublemaker nor am I a bully as that word has been used OFTEN. I just don’t want people who are new to the show world to just think because 1 or 2 or even 10 people say a handler is fantastic that makes it so. I also want to say that of all the handlers I know I have never seen a single dog in the state Jenna was in while in their care.

So rather than go to that list and address Alan’s letter I have chosen to do it here. I expect his letter was an attempt at damage control for his grooming seminars that keep getting cancelled. I will say I could care less about his seminars, where or when they are held nor the Clubs that book them and I do not make “noise” about them. However it seemed someone had made an announcement to this particular list about a seminar and there were several people who had something to say about it and it was not FOR Alan’s side. Then it turned into a big he-said she-said free for all in which I did not participate. I find it odd though that Alan posted the letter on Jenna’s birthday of all days and while I was out of town where I could not defend myself. I have replied to his statements in red. My spellchecker when crazy with his letter and I had to disable it entirely. The letter in its entirety can be viewed below.

———————- Forwarded Message: ———————
> From:

> To:

> Subject: PSG: Re: just to clear somethings up ( kinda long)
> Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 14:41:41 +0000
> First off I have to say that I’m truly sorry PSG has been put
thru all of
> this. I’ve just gotten home from many a weekend of shows, and
thru the
> phone
> calls and the emails I’ve gotten, I feel the need to clear
somethings up.
> . Our kennel has never been closed down.
Annette’s reply: I have never said your
kennel had been closed down…. Although many agree that it should
We are open 7 days a week. The
> kennel and house were built in the 50’s as a great dane
kennel, it then
> went on
> to be a cocker kennel, and then a std poodle kennel (Harriann),
and then
> we
> bought it almost 30 years ago.
Annette’s reply: If you bought it 30 years ago it’s high time
you remodel. It reeks of urine/feces.
The inside stalls
are 5′ x 4′. 3 sides
> are
> finished off with a smooth paneling, with the front
beingcovered with 2″
> x 4″
> welded wire including the door.
Annette’s reply: The inside stalls are NOT 5’ X 4’. They may be
4 X4 feet but not 5 feet. There is a one foot off set at the
back of each run which takes away a foot, except where the
doggie door is located. Which is still TOO small for a STANDARD
POODLE anyway you look at it. It would be ok for its original
purpose-housing Cockers. The Smooth paneling you refer to is a
marlite board type material. It is the kind of the material that
needs to be replaced more than every 30 years, as it will absorb
odors and liquids, which it will then retains the odor of those
liquids. I have not seen the particular pattern on your
wallboard in 30 years or longer.
All stalls and doors go
clear to the
> ceiling. The floor is tiled linoleum.
Annette’s reply: There is no such thing as “tiled linoleum”.
It’s either tile or its linoleum that LOOKS like tile. Once
linoleum has been peed on enough there is no way to get the odor
out. Replacing it is what is needed.
Water buckets are
hanging in ever
> stall, Annette’s reply: I am sorry
Alan but if the water buckets were hanging in the stalls as you
say where was it the day I was there? Must have been in the
outdoor part of the run.

> dogs are feed once or twice a day depending on their needs.
The runs
> are,
> outside not under cover are 25′ and the covered runs are 20′
> everyday
> with white paper). Annette’s reply:
20 feet by what Alan? 4 feet wide?
Barely enough for a dog the size of a Standard poodle to turn
around in? I am sorry but I have never heard of white paper
being put down for runs. And if the paper was changed daily then
my dog should not have had any urine or feces matted to her
hocks. Standard poodles especially adults that have been kept in
a house do not sit in their own excrement unless there is no
where else for them to sit. And of the many people I have NOW
spoken with NONE of them use doggie doors for POODLES in show
All runs are 6′ chain link and concrete, as well as
> all runs
> are covered by 2′ x 4″ wire ( for the climbers).
> No one here has ever been charged and/or convicted of animal
neglect or
> cruelty. Annette’s reply: No one said
you had been. There are many people who are charged and
convicted of crimes they did not commit as well as people that
should be charged and convicted that never are.

> I am not manic depressive. If anything, just the opposite.
> All our dogshow vehicles (vans and motorhome) are bought with
dogs in
> mind. All with front and rear heat and air. All dogs travel in
> with
> water buckets hanging inside their crates.
Annette’s reply: What does any of this
have to do with the condition my dog was in when I came to see
her at your facility?

> A certain group has been trying and have succeeded in getting
my grooming
> seminars canceled. The last one scheduled was canceled due to
> threats of
> harm and death. Annette’s reply: A
certain group you say? Well what group would that be Alan? The
hundreds/thousands of people who don’t happen to think that a
person shouldn’t even be in dogs if they are going to take care
of them as Jenna was? I have not tried to get your seminars
cancelled. Couldn’t care less one way or the other. However I
have no control over what other people do and as they say the
moral majority usually does have an opinion and how they express
that opinion has nothing to do with me. Death threats? Really
Alan I would have to see those in writing to actually believe
this. I was told that the seminars were cancelled due to lack of
people signing up. Maybe they don’t want to support someone who
allows a dog to mat and reek of feces and urine. I can only

> I’ve been a poodle handler for a long time.
Annette’s reply: Yes you have Alan and
from the letters I have received since the posting of Jenna’s
page it seems she is not the FIRST dog this has happened to
while in your care. I have received phone calls and letters from
others this has happened to. And the letters will be posted
exactly as they were sent.
I”ve shaved down clients
> poodles when I’ve not been paid, but then I know it takes at
least 10
> months to
> grow out a show coat. Annette’s reply:
What about the clients’ dogs you have shaved down that had PAID
their bills. I have been a professional pet groomer for 30
years. I have NEVER shaved even the most matted Chow down with a
15 blade. You have shaved down client dogs with a 15# and a 40#
blade Alan. What could the reason for that be? That the dog was
so matted or perhaps that you wanted it to take a long time to
grow the coat back out? Or maybe that person would just give up
and quit?
I have the patience and skill to brush out
> anything. Annette’s reply: I am sure
that you have had a lot of practice brushing out mats.

And it’s all done without hurting the dog. If while brushing
> out
> the
> dog, it hurts, it’s being done wrong. ( taught in the grooming
> That said, we as handlers have all had a poodle or two that
being gone
> for
> a curcuit of shows have come home to a mess.
Annette’s reply: If you do not have the
money nor the employees to take care of the dogs left in your
care then you should not take on so many dogs. What kind of
circuit lasts for months? I would like to know. You said
previously that my dog was in this condition because the bill
was not paid now you are saying it’s because you were gone to
shows? Which LIE is it Alan?
This client’s white std.
> poodle bitch being one of them. She was in a stall in the
kennel that
> opened
> up to a covered run. The owner had called and asked to come to
> kennel,
> the kennel is always open. Annette’s
reply: Actually it seems your kennel is NOT always open as you
knew I was coming and put me off the day we arrived to the next
day. Then when I arrived you were very rude and told me to come
back in an hour. For what? So you could leave and not be there
on my return?
This poodle was half brushed out.
Annette’s reply: Jenna was not HALF
brushed out Alan….. She hadn’t even had her pattern cut in for
months. This bitch has BLACK pigment and never clipper burns and
yet she had them all over her. See documents from 2 different
The owner
> arrived. The first thing she said to me was ” did you get the
check I
> sent you
> just before I left to come see you? 
Annette’s reply: No actually if I recall the FIRST thing I said
was, That’s not my dog. Ok, again Alan which is it? The bill
wasn’t paid or you were gone on circuit? Just more talking in
circles by someone who was CAUGHT not doing his job. I have
already shown the check WAS sent when I said it was.
comment to the client was
> “your
> poodle is matted and I’d be more that happy to brush her out
if you’d pay
> your
> bill in full”.  Annette’s reply: Why
in the world would I pay you for something you should already
have done? Why would I LEAVE my dog in a place that would allow
her to get in this kind of shape to begin with?
She could
have been brushed out and in the ring the next
> day. Annette’s reply: When pigs fly…..
I had 5 professional handlers put their hands on Jenna at PCA
and none of them said she should be brushed out. That if you
brushed her out there would not be any hair left….she was a

> As of yet. The check she sent has yet to arrive.
Annette’s reply: Nope you will never get
it……it came back to me and it’s posted here on this page.

> I’m really glad she took the pictures. If you really look at
the poodle
> you can see the dark skin and the muscle tone.
Annette’s reply: You have fallen again
and bumped your head I think Alan….muscle tone? How can a dog
have muscle tone when she can’t get any exercise? Yes Jenna has
EXCELLENT pigment that has to do with her breeder not you!
There was really nothing
> wrong
> with this poodle that a brush out and a bath wouldn’t take
care of. She
> was
> in good enough health to go home and have back to back
litters. Annette’s reply: And what does
that have to with the condition she was in when she was in YOUR
care Alan? Not one damn thing. She is my dog after-all and it
was 4 ½ weeks after I got her home, plenty of time to get the
weight back on her that she lacked when I picked her up. The
veterinarian documentation plainly STATES underweight…..duh!!!!!
You and your supporters have all bred BACK TO BACK litters, it
is not a practice that I would do on a regular basis but yet you
AGAIN try to use this to discredit me.  The problem with you
using this particular situation is it’s simply a smokescreen. If
you can cast a shadow on my character then that makes what you
did ok. I am sorry to say it doesn’t work that way. 

> What I really don’t understand is, this poodle was picked up
the second
> week in May and was still matted the second week in June at
PCA. Now in
> oil
> too
> and being paraded around in all that heat.
Annette’s reply: Again Alan you plainly
need a refresher course in Mathematics. I did not pick Jenna up
the middle of May. She was picked up on JUNE 7th
2005. PCA began JUNE 12, 2005. See the dates on the vet bills.
So how do you figure the dog was matted for 4 weeks as you
imply? It was exactly 7 days. Another lie told by YOU. I waited
to shave her down to see what other handlers had to say about
trying to save her coat. She was Not in Oil, I have no idea what
you are talking about. As far as parading her around in the
heat.  The only time she was in the “heat” was walking from my
vehicle to the building.  Everyone knows it’s like the Arctic
inside the building where PCA is held. We all buy sweatshirts
for Pete’s sake. But let’s talk about that “heat” issue… I
picked her up at your house and it was 88 degrees and there was
NO Air conditioning running when I went into the building Jenna
was housed in. Your building in which Jenna was housed had no
windows that I could see and the door was closed. When you
opened the door the odor and the heat hit me. It was cooler
outdoors than in your building. Yes you were really worried
about the heat then weren’t you?

> I have no hard feelings toward anybody. My mind just doesn’t
work that
> way.
> I’m a person that if you need help, I’ll be there. I carry
extra of
> almost
> everything one would need at a dogshow and am more that
willing to share.
> I
> have the ability to teach what I’ve learned over the years.
Annette’s reply: So what does this mean
Alan? That because you do these things it’s ok to treat a dog in
the manner that Jenna was treated?
Even this
> client
> came to a grooming seminar and gave it rave reviews.
Annette’s reply: When you don’t know
anything Alan and I didn’t at that time and you have nothing to
compare a seminar to, then yes you would say good things. I have
since learned many things about grooming and I will say your
seminar doesn’t cover near enough.

> I wish everyone the best of luck at the shows…and if you see
me at a
> show
> please come say “hi”.
> again….I’m truly sorry, all you have been through this.
> alan r. waterman
_ (

My question is
why would you go on a list you have only posted on when someone
says something negative. If you were such a skilled groomer
there would be things you could share throughout the year. Aha
but then you don’t get paid for that type of posting do you? The
last time Alan posted to this list is when a puppy buyer
complained about the puppy having Vitiligo, which is an inherent
condition. Alan came on then and like a dummy I defended him… I
was blinded by all the glitz and glory… When reality sets in the
picture isn’t quite so pretty.

I have nothing to apologize for to this list and have no
intention of doing so. I will be removed of that I am sure since
I posted a letter from that list publicly. Now ask me if I give
a crap? Alan has supporters on this list that I am sure advised
he go on list and write this letter… So what?

What’s even better than this entire charade is that Alan
actually emailed me privately about my Apricot bitch currently
being shown the same day he sent the letter to the list. When he
couldn’t get a rise out of me about that he then congratulated
me and encouraged me not to give up…said her saw her at PCA and
she was nice. Like I would? Alan also saw me at PCA with Jenna
and went running to his dear friend Terry Farley and said, “That
Annette Shepard is here with that dog”! Well Alan I hate to be
the bearer of bad news but I can show my dogs where ever I
choose and if you are uncomfortable with that Gee I hate it. I
was standing not 10 feet from Terry’s set up when you said
that…I got a good laugh out of it, Thanks! So those letters and
my reply will be posted on this page as well. So will the
letters of others this happened to, some of the names have been
removed per their request but the date stamp will show when they
were sent to me. This is not an isolated case but something that
has continued for the last 15 years. I even received a phone
call from a professional handler and breeder of Ibizian hounds
from California that had sent an Ibizian bitch to Alan for his
client Jo Ann Steele. The dog was returned to her in such a
terrible state the police were called to the LAX airport to
arrest her by Airline authorities. She had to show them she was
not the shipper before they would let her take the dog to the
vet. This dog was 30 some odd pounds in weight and should have
weighed 50-55 pounds. She was 30% dehydrated.
What was the excuse for her return? She was “crazy” and couldn’t
be shown. Ok even if the bitch was not show-able why would you
wait until she was so debilitated to return her? Just so people
don’t think I am MAKING this up there are a couple letters I
think referring to this exact DOG.

Here are 31 of the MANY letters I
have received from others that have used Alan in the past and
had bad experiences. So are ALL these folks making this up? I
JUST don’t think so. I have replaced email addresses and names
with XXX as requested by some people. Please note that NO
Professional Handlers have taken Alan’s side, only his
brainwashed groupies……..I am still approached at shows by
Handlers who find out who I am and they apologize for the
profession…..Many thanks to all of those outstanding individuals
who put the dogs first and not the MONEY.

From: XXXXX XXXXX Date: 06/10/05 08:36:18 AM To:
Subject: Jenna
Oh, Annette. I am so sorry. That poor girl. She is home safely
with you now
and that is the most important thing. I want to applaud your
courage for
coming out like this.
I have to tell you I am not surprised. He had my apricot bitch
some time ago
and I almost cried on the way home with her. He only had her for
about 2
months so it was not long enough to do as much damage as poor
Jenna had. Her
condition was not as bad as your poor girl but it was bad
“XXXXX” came home with raging ear infections, matted to the skin
on the
chest and bracelets, severe clipper burn on the face and neck,
and she
smelled so bad we had to drive in August with all of the windows
down. I was
furious and let the breeder know about this but they are friends
and the
breeder dismissed my complaints. I have been told I
over-reacted. I was not
smart enough to take pictures like you did. I did not go public
because I
did not want to make enemies as he has lots of friends. I have
passed on
getting bitches because the breeder wanted them to go to him for
Some people still think highly of him.
God bless you for your courage and I hope it will make a

This single letter proves that
Jenna did not get matted in 3 months because her bill WASN’T
paid. This owner says her dog was matted not nearly to the
degree Jenna was and was there for 2 months. Is the picture
getting clearer?

This is a letter I received from the same person later that day

From: XXXX XXXXX Date:
06/10/05 10:23:17 AM To: Subject: Re: Jenna

Among people who care about their dogs here in the NE his
reputation is
already known.
I made the mistake of believing he would take care of her
because the
breeder and he are friends. Hah! I am told he takes advantage of
the newbys
like you and me because they have no power.
All I know is that he will not ever get another dog of mine.
I truly wish you the best of luck. And how is Jenna doing?


—– Original Message
From: Newmont@ xxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2005 12:50 AM
Subject: you have support

Margie Sullivan returned to California from PCA and immediately
sent me a
link to your website and the Trust/Distrust page. She said the
issue was
the big buzz at PCA. Years ago I purchased what I was told was a
quality toy puppy and shipped her to Margie. Several months
later I was
still guilt ridden wondering what on earth I had done. I was
flying to San
Francisco to a computer convention, so took some extra days from
work and
flew first to Fresno where I called Margie and said I wanted to
see my dog.
Margie no longer shows for me, but it has nothing to do with the
my dog was in. She looked wonderful! The next day they invited
me to a
litter evaluation “party” complete with wine and fine food. All
the dogs in
show coat where allowed to stay in the runs surrounding the yard
and lap up
lots of attention. They made a point to have each one freshly
bathed and
shaved (and they almost always are showing dogs and bitches and
specials in
all three varieties). When my “toy” tried to become a standard,
they flew
her to Denver with them when they went to the show and I drove
down from
Montana and picked her up. They charged me the plane ticket and
her board –
that was it.

Anyway – I am thankful that I didn’t find my Sienna in a
situation like you
encountered. I forwarded the link on to Curtiss Smith, my
current handler
and co-breeder/owner. He called and said that Michelle would be
Michelle is Michelle Brown, an all-breed handler in California
who is just
trying to get a foothold in the cut-throat California scene.
Alan W. had
contacted her for an Ibizan hound (she breeds some quite nice
ones) – said
he had a client that wanted one. She sent him a dog and was
horror stricken
when it came back. Compared to a poodle, you would think that a
hound would
be pretty easy to keep up. I don’t have the particulars, but
Curtiss said
that the dog was a mess physically and emotionally.

I didn’t read any of the posts on the list – find that most of
them are
usually from people with a lot to say and little knowledge to
back up their
words. As a matter of fact, I have no idea why I even stay on
the list —
guess I want to see to what levels people will stoop.

Just thought you might like to know that others have had
experiences that
support everything you said (like your pictures and documents
validate you beyond all doubt).

XXXXX toy poodles

——-Original Message——-
From: Fraya XXXX Date: 06/18/05 05:31:36 PM To:
Subject: I tried to tell people 15 years ago
Dear Annette,
I am sorry for what happened to you, but pleased that the story
has finally come out on the net. Alan took my bitch as a puppy
saying he’d finish her as a puppy. He didn’t tell me he has a
dog doing a lot of winning and judges rarely give WD and WB to
the same handler. So she turned a year on Sept 13th without a
point and needed to come home and grow coat. Her breeder Carol
Candy ne Hayward was at the show and offered to bring her back
to me. Alan said he’d take her home and cut her out and then
return her.
I kept calling Alan and asking him to meet me at a show and
return Habeb because I lived quite a distance and was having
problems with one of my children. He’d tell me he would meet me.
I’d drive to the show only to be told “He didn’t have room to
bring her.” But he’d bring other dogs he wasn’t even showing.
This went on till February of the next year. I threatened legal
action. Carol picked her up for me.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my bitch. She had been
ten-bladed all over! Her ears, topknot, tail, everything gone.
19 months old and less hair than a newborn. But that wasn’t the
worst thing. She was completely out of shape, no muscle, no tone
and she was terrified of everyone and everything. She acted like
she’d never seen any of us before. It was months till she came
back to herself.
PS I re-grew her hair and my friend, Karin Berlin showed her. We
took her to Syracuse in the spring just to get her used to the
ring again. She took two 5 point majors away from the big
handlers, including Alan ,who all complained that “she wasn’t
ready” meaning she didn’t have enough hair. When Frank Sabella
gave her BOS to TrelarkenTurn Back Time (shown by Alan) he told
Karin and Alan that if Habeb had been in better coat, “She would
have been BOV and the dog would have gone BOS to her.” She, Ch.
Litlilann’s Essence Ariel, did finish her championship thanks to
Karin. I couldn’t send her away again. But I always got the
feeling that except for those who saw her, no one believed that
such a well-known handler would abuse a dog and cheat her
owners. I heard the same story from others later but it was
before the net so Alan kept getting away with it.
Fraya Katz
Ariel Standard Poodles

Pictures of Fraya’s dog after she got her back from Alan. This is Fraya’s dog when Alan first got her. Note the date on the picture Kennel Club board is 1992.

This is Fraya’s dog AFTER Alan.

More letters……

—– Original Message
From: Joel F
Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2005 12:36 AM
Subject: Re: Thank you for your story
Miss Annette,
I am Joel F, I live in North Carolina, I show Pembroke Welsh
Corgis and Frenchies, have been doing it for about 12 years.
I am so sorry, I am mortified, I am speechless. I am sorry that
your dog endured such torture.
I am sorry that you endured heartache. Annette you can’t blame
yourself, had you known this guy was a piece of shit you would
have never sent Jenna to him. I am sorry that things happened
the way they did, but at least you are putting the truth out
there and waking alot of people up to the fact that we should
check handlers out head to toe. As the saying goes, “Don’t judge
a book by it’s cover”, this is one lesson you will not learn
twice. My heart goes out to you and Jenna, please don’t let one
bad apple ruin the entire bushel.
Sending positive vibes your way and blessings from above, at
least the truth is prevailing.
Joel F

——-Original Message——-
From: Bonnie XXXX Date: 06/10/05 05:39:24 PM To:
Subject: Jenna
Dear Annette, I do not know if you have left for PCA yet, but a

friend just sent me Jenna’s story. I was horrified as I
continued to
see her and read the sorry crap excuses he sent you.
I saw this handler being mean to a dog in Ft.Walton one time,
and also
another male handler was being mean to some of their dogs too.
If you
have not got the temperament to love the dogs you show, you do
not need
to be showing them. JMO.
I some times wonder why they handle if they don’t like the dogs.
the accolades maybe ???
Best wishes for Jenna, she was so pretty when you let Alan have
and she can be again.
My handler lives next door, so I can keep a real close eye on
Warmly, Bonnie

——-Original Message——-
From: Brenda XXXX Date: 06/10/05 08:25:01 AM To:
Subject: Very sorry about your Jenna
Dear Annette,
I would be devastated if this had happened to me. I think I
would quit the show business. You are a very brave lady to be
“taking on” the handler. I am in Canada and have a handler for
my toys because due to health problems I am unable to show my
own anymore. It is also hard for me to groom. I could go at
anytime to his place and be welcome.
Please believe me when I say that I’m sure you have the support
of many breeders who have to entrust their precious babies to
handlers. I have long heard the name Alan Waterman, but do not
know him personally. I’m sure you will have most of the handlers
rally around him because it is a close knit business. I would be
surprised if they didn’t. Maybe some will think long and hard on
how they are treating clients’ dogs. You keep doing what you’re
doing and don’t let it stop you from breeding and showing your
kids. Your braveness is going to help all of us in the long run.

Praying for you and your fur kids,

——-Original Message——-
From: Brigitte XXXX Date: 06/28/05 04:20:12 PM To:
Subject: Alan Waterman
Dear Annette,
For years I bred standard poodles under the Falkirk prefix and
also handled poodles, all three varieties and other breeds. At
one time I also belonged to PHA ( I resigned because some of the
people the organization accepted, were unacceptable to me).
I am so very sorry for the neglect Jenna has suffered and your
pain also. I want you to know that not all handlers act this
way. There is no excuse for what happened and I apologize for
what happened to you.
I have been cheated by clients more than once (even with dogs
that went BIS) my name never was as popular as Alan Waterman,
but the dogs I handled loved me even years later, and I never
sent a dog home were it did not look better than when it
arrived. They went home groomed and ready to go to the show the
next day.
Sadly enough at least 50% of owners do not care how the dogs are
kept, the only thing that counts is winning by hook or crook.
Nobody will say so but it is a fact.
All I can say be careful, just because someone tells you a
person is wonderful check it out first. Make unannounced visits,
check their kennels and watch them at the shows.
Not every handler is right for everybody.
Now keep a stiff upper lip and keep brushing Jenna……remember
hair grows back!
Best wishes
Brigitte Copeland

——-Original Message——-
From: C. A. McGXXXXX Date: 06/09/05 08:13:48 PM To:
Subject: OMG. How horrible
It is horrible, but THANK YOU for taking the time and energy to
document this and put it up on your website so quickly.
It makes me SICK to think that he is considered a “respectable”
“professional” handler. I don’t know if the AKC would consider
this to be abusive, but I certainly would.
One would *THINK*, that with a week’s notice, that he *might*
try to clean her up a little. It is not like you just showed up
on his doorstep with NO notice.
PLEASE tell me that you are going to ANNOUNCE (loudly) this link
on your website. People need to know. They need to know that
“reputable” handlers can allow this to happen.
How disheartening it must be for you. Are you going to just
shave her down and start over? Are you going to try to get
through that mess? Personally, I don’t think it would be worth
putting her skin through it. If she were mine, I think I would
shave her down and start over. I do think that I would grow her
out and get her finished, just so there is a very satisfying end
to this poor girl’s saga. Sort of a naa-naa, in your face Alan –
type of thing. Jenna looks to be a pretty bitch, and from the
older pictures, appears to be quite finishable.
Please be aware, that there ARE good handlers out there. Yes,
there are others in Alan’s category, but there are also very
nice people who handle, and who LOVE the dogs & put the dogs
Cathy McGinnis

——-Original Message——-
From: Cameron LXXXXX Date: 06/15/05 03:38:05 PM To:
Subject: the situation
Dear Annette,
We have never met, but believe me when I tell you that we have
something in common. Bad experiences with Alan Waterman.
I met him through a woman whom I thought was a nice
person…..and a decent breeder. Wrong on both points. She has
several dogs Alan has bred. The first time I met him (at a
show), I thought he was nice. I was thinking about buying a
puppy from him. When I finally went to his so called “kennel”, I
WAS HORRIFIED. There were dogs in crates all over his house,
smell, stuff piled everywhere…..not at all professional. The
kennel stunk to high heaven, in bad need of repair, and the pens
are so tiny. I never did buy this puppy from him……….she
was “gorgeous” he said…….I thought she was “okay”…….very
exaggerated incorrect front motion. She was shown several times,
and never did well. I am sure he will say terrible things about
me, but you know what??????????????????? I don’t care.
How dare he do what he did to your lovely Jenna. What excuses
does he have for the filthy conditions in that kennel? And my
big question is how does he keep a boarding license with the
kennel smelling as it does? Does animal control not inspect him?

I am totally on your and your husband’s side in this matter. I
can not believe all the talk of people being mean to you with
the evidence you have. But we all know how Poo people can be to
people that they are supposed to be friends with. I have news
for those kind of people…..why are these people in this
business? Would they want their dogs treated the way Jenna was
treated? I am sure that some would not care, but WE ARE ALL IN
THIS BIZ FOR THE LOVE OF THE DOGS. And that is the important
thing……the welfare and wellbeing of these animals that we
love so much. There are those people who care more about the
wins, and what handler they have than the wellbeing of the
animals themselves.
PSG is supposed to be about the love of the Poodle breed,
friendship and SUPPORT. I delete 99% of the emails lately
because it has become so backbiting (and yes, I do know that our
show world is like this). Some women in NJ who supposedly do
rescue…………. bashed me on PSG without even knowing any
REAL facts of what was going on with me, they took the word of a
woman who is not even involved in anything doggy. So I am with
you, your husband and anyone else not on your side……those
pictures speak for themselves.
Handlers get so arrogant sometimes………. I would NEVER put
my dog out with any of the Poo handlers that are out there right
now……except for Wendall……or if Annie was still handling
or Richard Bauer. Oh well.
Your website is lovely by the way……it reflects your genuine
love for your furkids…..and that is why we have these
I have a question…..are you guys filing a complaint with AKC
against him? I really think you should.
Oh and by the way, do you know that Kaiser has a parti gene? I
would NEVER in a million years breed to that dog knowing
that………..I guess it goes to what is happening with our
beloved breed nowadays.
Well I had better go. I am at our local library with two of my
puppies…..not Poos, rescues…Shepard/Lab crosses…..3
months, and they are telling me that……a) they are
hungry……almost dinner time……….b) they have been good
puppies for 45 minutes, sat quietly…..for the most
part…..but this is NOT THE PARK… water to splash through
and no ducks to chase…..or squirrels, and our Poos are at home
waiting for home, and this is BORING…………..SO HURRY UP
MOM. (FYI I brought toys for them to play with….now forgotten.

I will try and call you to see if I can lend anymore support to
what you are going through. And one more note……….it is
NOONE”S business about anything other than how badly your baby
was treated. People should be pulling their dogs from him right
and left.
Take care,
Supportively (I hope)

——-Original Message——-
From: Cindi XXXX Date: 06/12/05 09:55:50 PM To:
Subject: Alan
I am very sorry about what happened with your poodle and Alan.
My mother
had problems with him also-mainly about money but many other
things too. At
one show when my mom finally told him she didn’t want him
handling the dog
anymore, he went around and told people not to handle the dog
because it
would be unethical for them to do so because she owed him money.
wasn’t true becaue he hadn’t brushed out her dog and she was
still full of
matts. Very scary. I am giving you the number and address of the
investigators in our area. The number is 585-223-6500. The
address is
Humane Society, 99 Victor Rd, Fairport NY 14450. I urge you to
send them
the pictures and have them check out the kennel. Since my mom is
local she
never had the dog stay there so we couldn’t attest to the
conditions. I
would be more than happy to make a call if you are not
comfortable doing so.
I hope your baby is doing better and I am truly sorry for what
He is a very smooth person. I told my mom I didn’t like him the
first time
I met him at a show but she stayed with him until she realized
he was not a
very nice person. Good luck in showing your pooch. Cindi

——-Original Message——-
From: Cynthia XXXXX Date: 06/16/05 11:03:10 PM To:
Subject: Jena
It angers me that this beautiful bitch was not properly cared
for. I
hope you are able to save the coat, I know well from showing 3

standards the amount of time that went into your conditioning. I
you were closer I’d love to help demat her.
Alan “was” my handler several years ago.
PS The photos of her condition make me want to cry. She looks
like my
Ashley that passed away many years ago.

——-Original Message——-
From: D. C. XXXXX Date: 06/26/05 06:06:39 PM To:
Subject: Jenna
I am sorry that you had to go through such an ordeal and I trust
that Jenna has shown her resilience now that she has returned
home. I too had a handler whose business practices were
appalling; he didn’t bill either and then got angry when I
couldn’t pay the entire bill for several thousand dollars at
once. I also sent money periodically just as you did and it was
never recorded accurately on the bills when they finally came.
He also neglected his charges. Needless to say he is no longer
handling my dogs.
You did exactly the right thing by appearing unannounced and
taking her home. The kennel conditions where not adequate for
keeping a miniature let alone a standard. Cleanliness in any
kennel is an imperative. Coat care for poodles is not easy but
leaving a dog in show coat or any other coat in that kind of
matted condition is criminal.
I hope you were able to brush her out but if not, shaving her
down only means a delaying her appearance in the show ring.
Don’t give up on her, use a different handler. There is no
excuse for a handler not taking care of a dog in his care!! You
should be able to visit you dog at any time unannounced. Your
dog should be in good condition and like both her handler and
his assistants, PERIOD.
I look forward to seeing photos of the new Jenna on your website

——-Original Message——-
From: David & Nancy XXXXXX Date: 06/10/05 05:26:55 AM To: Subject: Jenna
I am so sorry your baby had to go through this.
I, myself, was considering putting my bitch with Alan two years
ago and
after speaking with him at a show I decided against it and put
her with
Terri Meyers.
You may want to go back into your article and change some of the
from 2005 to 2004.
I hope you sue the pants off of him as no animal should have to
through this, especially from (supposedly) a well known person
as he is
in the dog world. I am very happy you put it on the internet for

everyone to see and it is making the rounds to many group
Good Luck with Jenna and I hope she returns to her normal self.

God Bless.
Oshkosh, WI.

——-Original Message——-
From: David & Nancy XXXXX Date: 06/10/05 07:00:31 PM To:
Subject: Re: Jenna
What amazes me is how many people just don’t speak up on things
this. I know if it were me, I would be doing the same thing you
are as
I wouldn’t want it to happen to anyone else.
Breeding is another thing I have problems with (breeders not
honest about what is in their lines). It gets to me every time
certain breeders breed with SA, Addisons and other problems and
have waiting lists for their dogs. Just because they run a
list the people think they are such good people to admit what is
their lines and those people purchase puppies from them. I just
my head. But then again, you have those that don’t admit
Are you showing anything at PCA or are you going as a spectator?
Let me
know how everything goes.
Oshkosh, WI.

——-Original Message——-
From: DeXXXXXXXX Date: 06/13/05 11:45:37 AM To:
Subject: Your News
Dear Annette,
I attended the Alan Waterman seminar with you last summer. Your
news just filtered to MA. I can not tell you how sad I am for
you… for all of us that trust others with our precious
puppies. My Coco just had her first litter and you know what a
miracle they are. To me… having never witnessed a birth is was
amazing. To think that something akin to Jenna could happen to
them breaks my heart.
I hope you let us know how Jenna is and what happens.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours…
I am so glad she is safe now.
I think that all handlers will be under much scrutiny because of
your news.
I wish you the best,

——-Original Message——-
From: Don XXXXXX Date: 06/12/05 10:50:03 PM To:
Subject: umm PSG
I dont belong to the list but I have heard of your plight… You
can bring her back… shave her down and let her hair grow back
and give her the TLC she deserves.
Gee I wonder why I am a owner/handler for a reason??? Might take
me longer to finish but I know where and what my dogs are doing
24/7… and to be honest I havent met a so called pro handler I
trust enough.. except one.. but she does have her problems and
issues too I am sure.
I just show my own and take the punches myself… I am happy
knowing I might not be the best at it but at least I am honest.

I am glad you chose to expose the transgressors~ they need
Donald B
(where I know its nothing but a crap shoot)

——-Original Message——-
From: EPXXXX Date: 06/20/05 10:47:08 AM To:
Subject: abused poodle
Hi I don’t think you know me but I saw the pictures of your dog
that was sent by another breeder. Thanks for sharing as I am
knew at showing black mini’s. Iam not so trusting so I checked
out the Kennel before I left my dog’s. And I go to most of the
shows. I am paying a lot of money and I think I have a right to
see my dog and call to see how she is doing. I have used 3
different handlers only one gave me a hard time about checking
on my dog but the kennel and care were good. Alan is off my list
if anything happens with my current handler and I would rather
not show my dog than have him hand my dog off to Alan at a show
which I see handlers do in a pinch. I had to keep my bitch in
coat until the points posted on AKC (took 4wks) and she started
to mat but never as bad as your dog . NO way could he clean her
up while you waited. I would see a lawyer. He broke the contract
by not caring for her coat or hygiene. SO much for
professionals. Hope you and your dog get over all this stress.

——-Original Message——-
From: XXXX XXXXX Date: 10/31/05 05:08:22 PM To:
Subject: Waterman!
I’ve been an owner of XXXXX Poodles for over 15 years and in a
recent conversation with Joan MXXXXXX, she mentioned your story
and forwarded it to me.
I’m from Lake Placid, New York and have shown in obedience in US
and Canada. My 12 year old is going for her third leg in Rally
this weekend in Vermont.
Last year I “met” Mr. Waterman at the 1000 Island Show.
Actually, the folks I was talking to spoke of this man who would
be arriving soon like he was some kind of a god! When he made
his entrance, I looked at him and something didn’t set right. I
didn’t like him before he even opened his mouth. At that time my
youngest was just 6 months old and I had him in confirmation.
Alan began eyeing him up and asked if he was a XXXXXX dog and
said he was interested in that line in a manner I did not trust.
I walked away and wanted nothing to do with that man. He was
obviously annoyed that he was not able to add a member to his
fan club and became rude. Currently he is “romancing” a friend
of mine who just bought a XXXXXXX male and I’m sending your
story to her! Nip that in the bud!
I hope Jenna recovers from her ordeal and “what goes around,
comes around” and eventually Alan pays for what he did to your
beautiful dog. Trust me, your story will be shared!
Best of luck
PS. My boy that Alan looked at like he was garbage, but was
really sizing him up took 1st over his dog! That was the only
time I smiled at that man.

It seems the negligent tactics
are not limited to Poodles…The Briards?

From: GXXXXXXX Date:
06/11/05 05:13:41 PM To: Subject:
Alan Waterman
Dear Annette,
This is just a quick note, as I just received the messages you
have about him. I had him showing my Briard since 6 mos. I live
near him and had always checked the grooming area where she was
and also didn’t tell them exactly when I would be there. I
always paid him well. This March I left my girl with him at a
show and she got matted, he didn’t show her one day, did not
feed her the whole time she was there and I only discovered this
on Sunday( last day 0f show) as he wasn’t going to show her,as
he was too busy with poodles and when my friend went to get her
that’s when we discovered everything.
He never apologized and still tried to get money from me and at
the next show went to my new handler and told them I owed him
money. I am not finished with him and haven’t decided what to
do. I want my money back. But more importantly the word needs to
be out, so no one uses him. He always told me not to come and
check on her at a show, as she was too much of a “mommies baby”
and needed to focus.
He also tried to get me to let her go with him.
Is the vet you took your dog in Rochester. Pittsford Animal

——-Original Message——-
From: GXXXXXXx Date: 07/06/05 04:52:33 PM To:
Subject: Alan Waterman
Hi Annette,
I had replied to your notes that had been forwarded about and
haven’t heard anything from you. I m sure you are busy, but I am
wondering what has transpired since then. As I told you I had a
problem with him and intend to report to all the places that I
can and am probably going to try and get my money back. There
are many people who know of my situation all over the North.
south and Midwest. They also had been forwarded your info and
pictures. You took your girl to my vet and my friend who works
there told me they had taken pictures. I asked them why they did
not report it.
He should not be allowed to have dogs in his care or allowed to
handle. If you can please ASAP let me know your plans and how he
can be stopped. I would like to coordinate things going to the
AKC and other places at the same time

More stories of the same in

From: XXXXXXXXXX Date: 06/10/05 12:03:49 PM To:
Subject: hello
Hi Annette, I just read your whole story on Alan Waterman and
your dog. 1st let me tell you how very very sorry I am that your
precious Jenna has gone through such a terrible ordeal. It will
take her months to get over it. I know. This is exactly what he
did to my XXXXXX. When I finally got her back, he had stripped
her with a 40 blade ALL OVER! She too was razor burned in
numerous places. When I demanded that my dog be sent back or I
would come get her myself, I told Alan…”Band her up, and ship
her to me COD. He shipped her okay, but he stripped her with a
40 blade! A 40 blade! You groom Annette! You know what a 40
blade is for and how short it cuts. There is no mistaking an
area that is shaved with a 40 blade! I too got pictures but no
restitution. I know what you are feeling and going through. I
was there 5 years ago. But do you want to know why I sent XXXX
to Alan? Because XXXXX XXXXX, my breeder, wrote it right into my
contract that XXXXX was to go to Alan Waterman for showing. I
called XXXXX over and over for help to get Alan to show my dog
or send her home. XXXXX wouldn’t help me, he just said over and
over again, Alan is a Pro, Let him do what he thinks is best. To
this day, I believe that XXXXX XXXXX was in cahoots with Alan
and just bleeding my pocketbook. Be glad you only paid him this
amount. My pay out to him exceeds your numbers.
I am sorry that you have gone through all of this. Sorry for
Jenna. Sorry for my XXXXX girl. But Alan still gets dogs and is
still called the best.

——-Original Message——-
From: HXXXXXXXXX Date: 06/11/05 08:36:02 AM To:
Subject: response to trust acticle
Good Morning! I just finished reading the “Trust” article you
have posted on your web site. I was given your address by my
mother, who is also a breeder of standard poodles. Like you she
trusted Alan for several years. I grew up knowing Alan and
watching him show or better hearing the excuses of why not to
show our dogs. Your article left me with a pit in my stomach – I
was shocked and sickened! A few years ago my mother also removed
a dog from Alan’s “care.” Like you she has never looked back,
but we think of how the other dogs that we had at his kennel
must have been treated. She now shows with two wonderful, loving
women, and the dogs are much happier.
Thanks so much for documenting this awful ordeal so that others
will not follow in our foot steps.

——-Original Message——-
From: JXXXXXXXXX Date: 06/18/05 07:25:56 PM To:
Subject: Jenna’s Horror Story
Let me add my message to what I expect are a ton of messages you
have already received, about your poodle that was with Alan
Waterman. I will agree with so many
others by saying that you shouldn’t have paid him, you should
tell anyone and everyone about this situation (that’ll hurt him
more than anything else) and I wish you could
have let your husband go in with you when you went to pick up
your Jenna, to get her out of there. We both know that you had
better judgement and did what you could when you should have
done it; but I go along with encouraging you to pursue this
matter to it’s full extent, letting everyone know what happen to
you and your dog and
who did it to you.
We are from upstate NY and have known of Mr. Waterman for a many
years. We have not delt with him personally and would never
consider it. Without picking him
apart with our personal opinions of him, I will just state that
we do not like him, his handling of other people’s dogs and the
way he does things. I CAN tell you there are
alot of complaints about him of one kind or another and I can
assure you that many, many people; along with ourselves, could
EASILY believe that he could do and did
do the things he did to you and your Jenna.
I am so very sorry that you and your Jenna had to go through
this ordeal, I don’t think I could have handled it as well as
you have. I am pleased to hear that Jenna is free,
doing well physically, and will have you there to help her
recover completely. My compliments on how you are dealing with
this incident. The documentation, facts, actual
pictures and messages. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful! You are
reaching the people who care & matter, with the truth & proof to
back it up. Again I say, BRAVO!!!!!!!!
I am going to pass on the total contents of your story to the
dog show people I know and encourage them to do the same. We are
going to get this information out in the
open where it belongs.
Our best wishes to you and your great efforts
JXXXXXX & XXXXXXXXX/Chinese Cresteds and Lowchen

——-Original Message——-
From: kXXXXXXXX Date: 06/10/05 06:02:38 AM To: Annette Shepard
Subject: Re: PSG: Too shocking to explain-Kleenex needed
I met you briefly at the grooming seminar, I
have never been to his place..but my friend had her
dog returned in the same condition..
If people don’t ask, I don’t tell..reason being that
people think it is “sour grapes” or some such and end
up getting mad at “the messenger”.
I have taken the risk and been slapped in the face
enough times to know, that unless someone asks, I
don’t offer.
In future..PLEASE ask, ask me about any handler, if I
don’t know I can find out. If you don’t want to ask
me, ask the better breeders..what happens most often
is a better breeder/exhibitor won’t bad mouth a
handler they will just say..”well, I cant recommend
him but I CAN recommend so and so.””.take that as a
big NO and don’t use that handler
I am a pet groomer like you and new to poodles also(
only about 8 yrs in poodles, but have shown in another
breed for many years ).. I have grown show coats on
dogs for myself and others and I can tell you that
every one of those coats was bathed, conditioned and
blown out every week to 10 days..what was done to your
your dog is unheard of..and nothing short of a
scam…just let the dog mat up and tell the owner “the
dog is not coming along” send the dog back and you
made all your money pathetic
Are you going to try and save the coat? or shave it?
let me know and maybe I can help you..too bad you live
so far away…I can maybe give you some advise and
help you start the coat again?
I am MOST saddened about the thing I could NOT have
told you, and that is the conditon of the kennel..your
poor ,poor jenna..
annette, contact me if I can help

——-Original Message——-
From: XXXXXXXX Date: 06/13/05 07:17:38 AM To: Annette Shepard
Subject: Re: Annette
After looking at your photos, I am even more saddened about my
No wonder XXXXXX hair was, (Quote by Alan:) “thinning out.” He
not only
was loaded with Worms, but IM SURE his coat was not taken care
of anyways.
Not to mention, XXXXX was shown only at 5 shows in last
XXXXXX really got the Short end of the stick here!
I forwarded your post & link to the Co-owners of XXXXX. Its a
XXXXX was denied an AKC Championship.
I am positive now… the only reason XXXX never finished, was
because he
was stuck with Alan.
I feel awful, not because XXXXX didnt finish, its because of the
conditions XXXX was in for a year-in-a-half!!!!
I feel sick! My poor baby boy.

——-Original Message——-
From: MXXXXXXX Date: 06/11/05 09:47:23 AM To:
Subject: Alan
Hi Annette:
I am so sorry that you got involved with Alan. I live in Niagara
Falls and have had my own dealings with him. I am XXXXX Poodles
– . Todd Patterson of Ravendune Kennels had always handled for
me and then he got sick and could not do it anymore. I was
looking for a handler and he was close, only an hour away.
The theme was the same, no bills for months on end and then a
big bill, I always pay the entries for my dogs – many shows that
I was told to enter, either did not go or did not show the dog.
We had a big bang out and he was going to take me to small
claims court when I sent him a letter and told him to go ahead
and take me to court and I listed all the things I would present
to the judge and then he called, etc, etc. the same old thing
you are getting. He even had the nerve to call the handler I was
now using and tell them that I had not paid my bill and that he
should not handle my dog. The nerve of the jerk. Please do not
send this on unless you can make it Anonymous in some way, this
is for your info only, but there are a lot of us out here that
have been misused by him. Also XXXXXXXXX in your neighborhood
does not do well and I got a toy dog who was supposed to be
specialed at PCA back with hardly any coat after I had to
threaten her with a law suit.
However, there are some really good handlers out there and they
do care and take care of the dogs. Unfortunately the few like
Alan make it bad for the others. Good luck in your endeavors and
at PCA. Unfortunately I have a very good friend who has used
Alan for years and since I co-owned a couple of dogs with her I
keep the peace. She does, however, know how I feel about him and
I will not even get near him at a show he is so obnoxious nor
will any of the dogs we co-own get to be shown by him. Again –
it is too bad that someone who is talented can be so ugly.

——-Original Message——-
From: MXXXXXX Date: 06/14/05 10:03:36 AM To:
Subject: so sad about Jenna
Dear Annette,
I am horrified by what I saw on your site and I can only imagine
the grief,
anger and assorted feelings of outrage and disbelief that you
and your
family are experiencing.
I met you and your lovely daughter at the grooming seminar last
year, and
was” taken “by an apricot you had with you. I haven’t been
following the
psg list but came across this today and felt compelled to give
you my
sympathy and support. I pray that Jenna returns to her former
self now
that you have her again.
We have our first show bitch and a show dog that I could not
bring myself
to give to a handler. We also have a neutered apricot male. I am
not the
best with keeping coats, but my dogs look better than Jenna (I
am so so sad
for her experience) Your experience convinces me that I followed
my gut
feeling appropriately as my biggest fear is that my poodles
won’t have the
loving treatment they get at home. I know that many people have
had much
success with handling experiences; however, just one experience
like yours
makes me wonder if I want to even show my poodles at all.
I think you do the community a service by putting up this link.

I wish you the best in your continued endeavors and believe that
you are
committed to your animals.
I hope you never have an experience that gives you grief like
this again.
My very best wishes to Jenna and all your poodles.
If there is anything else I can do to be of moral support, feel
free to
email me
Again, I am so shocked and saddened and would never have
believed this had I
not seen the pictures.

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From: PXXXXXXXXXx Date: 06/22/05 11:19:32 AM To:
Subject: Jenna
You were correct in what you did with Jenna. I knew they would
circle the wagons. It is a tuff
group poodles. You are a very good breeder. Wish you the very
Best with your poodles.

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From: Penny Date: 06/13/05 10:45:18 AM To:
Subject: JENNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just got an email about your situation and I AM APPALLED.
I hope u take him to court and turn him in to AKC!!!!!!!!! and
the humane society about the conditions at the kennel.
PCA should prohibit him from showing and attending the
I am ashamed to be in poodles when others WHO KNOW WHAT GOES ON

SINCE 1963

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From: pxxxx and jxxxxx Date: 06/11/05 06:12:05 PM To:
Subject: SHOCKED
Annette,I have been a professional dog groomer and breeder of
champion toy poodles for almost 40 years!!! There is no excuse
in the world for the way your poor dog looked. When dogs came
into the grooming shop looking like this we reported the owners,
it is known as dog abuse. Even more incomprehensible is that
someone with a reputation and experience as he has truly has no
excuse for this. I had a bad experience with a handler he bred
my dog unbeknownst to me and going by a gut feeling (never
receiving the bill via e-mail) pictures promised but never came,
sound familiar? My husband and I made a surprise visit and had
to chase him in our car in order to get our dog back. I have
been where you are…I truly feel for you and your family at
this very low point in your life. Remember number one-YOU HAVE
YOUR DOG BACK. Hoping for only the best for you.
XXXXXtoy poodles

Alan has told
other handlers not to show dogs for me that I don’t
pay my bills, etc etc. These same handlers told him they had never had any
problem collecting money from me but they DID send out monthly
bills. And both of these wonderful people are STILL showing dogs
for me today.

I want to thank everyone who has written or called voicing his
or her support. I want to thank the members of PCA who are just
as appalled as I was. Many thanks to
Holly Corbett and Terri Meyers for letting me watch and hang out
at the shows and teaching me things I did not know. I will be
forever grateful to these kind folks for their support and for
helping me and supporting me.

Many have asked did I report Alan. The answer is yes that I did
– to date as far as I know AKC has done NOTHING. Did I report
him to the local ASPCA? Yes I did they said that
food/water/shelter is all that is required… coat care is not a
consideration. Time laws were changed! Others have asked have I
gotten an attorney. No I did inquire about an attorney in the
State of NY where this case would have to be prosecuted and the
retainer for this type case is $25,000. I feel I can spend that
amount of money in much wiser ways such as improving my
facilities, which never stops for me and handler fees for
showing my dogs. Not to mention the continued testing of my
breeding dogs. I even contacted the DA for that County and he
said that if the ASPCA felt it should be a case of interest he
would pursue it…pretty much end of story.